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As the world of Internet advertising changes, the trend is to push for bigger and more intrusive ads.  We typically do not condone forced advertisements or pop ups on any of our members.  And, as a result, we have seen a decrease in income required for a service like ours.  We have always been a free site, and would like to keep it that way.

If you're enjoying our site, and find it a valuable resource for your Z, we would appreciate your support.  We do have an option to decrease these ads while continuing to raise necessary funding.  This can be accomplished with an automatic subscription plan.  Our subscriptions are only pennies per day and will go a long way to help our cause.

The more support we get, the less we need to rely on unrelated Internet advertising.  If you're interested in helping out, please take a few minutes to take a look at our options in the Subscriptions tab at the top of our website or click the link to the left.

Thanks for your consideration!


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