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  1. Just beginning

    Z-Gad lives just a few miles from my new house. That's a fast Z! Chuck
  2. Where is your for sale ad? I can't seem to find it. If you get the engine, trans, hood, etc. back will they be given or sold to the buyer of the car? A friend of mine in Myrtle Beach might be contacting you. Chuck
  3. Vinyl Top as an option 240z

    It'll be interesting to see in the next few years if it affects the value. It makes the car more rare, but does it make it more desirable? In the Mopar world it seems like half the cars had vinyl tops. Value doesn't change. The only bad part about it was that it caused the roof and windshield frame to rust out. Chuck
  4. f54 block main stud question

    The main studs should work. I can't see why they wouldn't. Chuck
  5. Vinyl Top as an option 240z

    IIRC it's on the Nisan parts microfiche. I'm sure someone on here knows more. I had a parts car years ago with a vinyl top. I kept the vinyl top trim pieces. I think it had the vented hatch. It was silver with a black top. Chuck
  6. '68 Datsun 2000

    Do you have any Mopars in there? Chuck
  7. How does the 240z/280z wheel cylinder work??

    It slides in the backing plate. Clean the backing plate well and use some brake grease where there's metal to metal contact. Chuck
  8. Blue interior plastic panels (pearl?)

    I believe that they're molded in a solid blue. All of my spare interior panels are at the other garage. I have a stack of door panels at home but I think they're all black. Hmmm...I'll look around tonight when I get back from the track. Chuck
  9. Anybody seen this one yet

    The 383 comes from a Chevy 350 block and Chevy 400 crank IIRC. Mopar is famous for their 383 big block. Chuck
  10. hood louvers-78 280Z-paint removal

    They were originally body color. I would try a chemical stripper to remove the paint. I'd try it on a small spot on the back to make sure that it doesn't melt it. I can't imagine that they would hold up well in the temps required to powdercoat. Chuck
  11. Rear deck lid pannel material?

    The sheets I bought are close to the stated 1/8". I'll have to measure it tonight to get an exact number. Chuck
  12. Rear deck lid pannel material?

    Lowe's has 4x8 sheets in 1/8" for about $7ea. I just bought some on Sunday. It was in an aisle with other sheets and some trim. Chuck
  13. Front Bumper strips too short. 72 Z

    I think I had that problem years ago. You just have to stretch it. Chuck
  14. Interior panel squeaking

    The factory used strips of foam tape that by now has turned to dust. Chuck
  15. Rear Drum Brake Springs

    Don't forget to use some brake grease. They'll work better and last longer. Chuck