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  1. Yes, that's good advice. I haven't decided if I'm going to get this car running or eventually sell it as a barn-find time capsule.
  2. That's all shiny undercoating just like it looked in 1976. The engine only has 360 miles on it.
  3. Confused. That site says: We do not carry any parts for the Datsun ZCar.
  4. That's right. I need four. I'd rather not have to spend the $1,300 - $1,500 I've been seeing on-line.
  5. Does anyone have suggestions on where I could find 4 NOS hub caps? That's the one thing this car is missing.
  6. Here are some quick phone pictures of the underside and some of the removed and extra parts
  7. I finally got the floor painted in my new barn (had to wait 30 days). I got the 280Z up on the lift for the first time.
  8. Yes, I do have the bumper rubber parts - they are in perfect condition. The front bumper is brand new - still in the plastic bag. The PO had the license plate holes welded shut (no front plates in PA) and hat it re-chromed. He said it ended up looking terrible so he bought a new one. I do plan to eventually sell the car, My big decision is whether to keep it in it current dirty condition (as a barn find) or clean it up. And yes, I was VERY lucky (and it was all luck).
  9. 🙂 or a 42 year old newspaper in the hatch!
  10. I have no idea how this car remained in such good condition. there is NO mice damage anywhere I can see. The interior is amazingly clean, and the undercarriage looks exceptionally nice (not really new, but almost). The only thing i can think is because the car was in a garage that was not used for anything but long-term storage, it remained relatively sealed from outside air - and thus very dry. There was no protection against temperature swings as the garage is not insulated. As for the interior, I guess it is clean simply because it started out clean (new) and was closed up tight. I haven't touched the engine, but I did pull the dip stick. The oil was full and looked like it just came out of an oil can - light golden. Here is a picture of a strut. This car shouldn't exist. I shouldn't be the owner, and it shouldn't be in the condition that it is. I am usually of the opposite end of that fate!!! Thanks for your input.
  11. LOL. I can park it in my wood shop and it won't take long to look filthy.
  12. LOL. I want to wash that dirt off so bad! I just have to wait. It's only "Barn Find Dirty" once. Well probably only one.
  13. my FIL had a 300ZX AE that had been parked since 1992. About 3 years ago I pulled it out and got it running. Seeing it, my friend said "I have a neighbor that has a Z with no miles but he's not interested in selling". Last week my friend was talking to his neighbor who said he was ready to sell his car. The rest is history
  14. ensys, I totally appreciate your critical take on this car. This car should not exist. I almost don't believe it and I can see the car in person!