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  1. Just to set the record the keyster kit has nice gaskets but the needles and the needle valves both did not work in my carbs. The threads for the needle valves are much too large and the the needles shoulder doesnt fit in the damper pot
  2. Ive done my fair share of needle research and they are too large. I have 3 screw carbs. They dont fit into the piston. Maybe my pistons arent .100?
  3. Bought the keyster kit and the needles dont seem to fit? They have hwj 4 on them? Redt of the kit looks good
  4. Bring this one back to life. Does anyone know anything about the kit from zcardepot that includes damper dip sticks?
  5. I went to the autobody shop today and got them to make me some touch up paint so I can sand it down and have a look. and when I say touch up paint I mean 2k rattle can.
  6. that would be nice but based on the rest of the car I highly doubt that. I think I'm going to just try and fix it and see how long it holds. I dont think I'll keep this car for the long run. maybe a summer two and then sell or trade. everyone thinks it's a porsche haha
  7. my ebrake was stuck so I'll cleaned everything good and got it to move but it wont return even with both ends unhooked from the drums. I figure I'll take it out and let it soak in some honey goo.
  8. would putting k & n filters right on the carbs better than this CAI?
  9. I would be interested in finding a stock air cleaner housing
  10. hahahaha that's awesome! so stoked you found that out. they are identical length and the glue job seems good. i added oil into both carbs and measure with the original damper rod. I might throw some higher grade epoxy on there hahah the car is a 73.
  11. this thing seems solid. it has had a ton of body work done to it I can only found one hole about an inch square right above where someone welded in new floor pans.
  12. what's the big rush in removing the CAI it isnt being supported by just the carbs. but because the car had a 14 Inch magnaflow that was soooo loud you couldnt hear anything we just welded in a glass pack I had laying around to act as a resonator. I took the valve cover vent off and plugged the hole on the balance tube. added 20w oil to the carbs. holy $^!# the turd runs decent. waaaaay better. now when I hit 4000+ rpm i hear a noise which i think is the water pump from searching the forum.