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  1. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Congrats! This should be a great father/son project.
  2. 73 in Puyallup WA wrecking yard

    That's sad to look at.
  3. Anyone thinking about selling your 280Z?
  4. Sound dampening and plush/pile carpet...why?

    Yeah, that link is a great read.
  5. Sound dampening and plush/pile carpet...why?

    riverstonefly, perhaps you can get an auto upholstery shop to fabricate a carpet set for you in Perlon.
  6. Restoring the undercarriage.

    Beautiful work, Dan!u what is the finish on the calipers?
  7. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    What's the disadvantage of removing the rear bumper gap guard, riverstonefly? I would think the simplicity of just having the thin rear bumper would be ideal. Just my $0.02.
  8. 280Z's going up in value!

    As a guy wanting to buy a 280z, the prices I’ve seen are all over the map. And two of the cars I’ve “looked at” on the internet this week have turned out to be scams. It’s kind of disheartening.
  9. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    The previous owner must have been something special!
  10. Still looking...
  11. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    Congrats, riverstonefly! Now, I can't wait for my turn to score a great 280Z!
  12. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    It’s restored, modified, and has a fresh engine, I believe. I really like the wheels and bumpers, but I’d prefer FI over carbs. The non-factory paint color is nice, but I’d prefer an S-30 color. But someone will fall in love with that car. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the auction format on BaT separates some more money from the “winner’s” wallet than you might see from a traditional sale.
  13. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    A one-owner, light metallic blue 280Z (a ‘77 or ‘78) that looked really great inside and out was just on Craigslist near Reno, NV. Sold quickly...too quickly for me to try to buy it. It was listed at a price just under $10k. Bummer. At the other extreme, I looked at a ‘77 in CA that the seller gushed about, but it has rust and cracked seats / dash. It was originally listed for close to $17k. It’s price has been slowly drifting down. The seller might be a bit optimistic about his car and I decided not to say anything derogatory. Another light blue metallic in AZ was listed for about $15k and sold before I could get to see it. The pics looked very good. I’m really trying to get a handle on the market, since I’m trying to buy a 280Z, myself. If only my timing was better.
  14. That's vintage dirt.