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  1. there's a piece of rubber above and below the hinge. Sorry about the picture quality. Its still dark here at work.
  2. I don't want to hijack this thread, but since you guys are sort of on topic I'd like to ask a quick question. I have an 80' ZX with a perfectly good running engine/Nissan 5spd transmission. But down the road, when it does finally wear out, I'd like to pull it and ship it to Datsun Spirit to have them build a stage 3. Would you recommend that I have them rebuild the stock transmission, or find a turbo with a T5?
  3. If I remember, its the one where the blonde female character is discovered to have been drift competing with Yakuza. Something to do with the Irish mob in there too?
  4. I got my ZX in much worse condition. I won't detail all I did to it, but it cooperated beautifully during the process. I bought it as a project, but my 300k + mile Jeep XJ nearly flew apart. Now its fixed, but the Z is still a daily driver. That one looks nice. I'd rather have it than $8500.
  5. Not that its a true representation of worth, but there's an '81 ZX N/A with 109k miles on it in similar condition on Seattle Craigslist for $8500.
  6. I keep my '86 Honda Elite scooter on the other side of the garage than the Z, because I know it wants to fall over on it in the middle of the night.
  7. You are correct. That type of Torino was unknown to me before just now. I guess a Challenger has a different grille and hood scoop style.
  8. A Jag, some 1930's rat rod, a Challenger convertible and a '60's Mustang ... I have a hard time believing these guys don't know what they have.
  9. What I meant to post before my phone nuked itself was the question of the built in resistor plugs optional for ZX's. Not sure if the S30 runs them and if there's any differences with the cap because of it.
  10. If you deleted the EGR, then you removed the intake/exhaust manifolds to plug the exhaust port? If so, did you replace the intake/exhaust manifold gasket? Did you remove the Throttle Valve Switch for any reason?,
  11. I think we all appreciate that you came here to try and see if the car could be put to use by keeping another Z alive. A classic Mustang is a glorious machine(as long as its not a Mustang II). I appreciate them a great deal, however they aren't my bag. But I sure would do a lot to make sure an abandoned one got to the right people. I hope it works out.
  12. I just recently went through a similar issue, but it was at a lower RPM(around 2k) I found that my throttle valve switch was improperly adjusted. I have a ZX, and I believe the TVS switches are similar for your car with the exception of you can take yours apart without drilling out any rivets. Check the FSM under fuel and see how to adjust it with an ohmmeter. Hopefully that is a good start.