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  1. #3 "IGN" Fuse keeps blowing.

    Should there be a silver capacitor looking device bolted to one of the holes in the back of the alternator?
  2. 1973 240z

    A search from Bellingham to Olympia craigslist will yield at least 3 good for the price cars. Yours being one of them. Yesterday I saw an early rhd Fairlady with a cargo carrier on top of a home made ski rack, and a rear window full of Sasquatch/PNW stickers.
  3. This is the definition of insanity

    Tell him to throw in the Hom's Chinese Restaurant sign and go for it.
  4. intermittant skipping

    Also, I noticed I could reproduce it with the engine idling, and with my hand slowly operate the throttle until it started acting up.
  5. intermittant skipping

    Does it seem more prominent at a certain RPM range? I had a strange misfire just under 2k at coast. Wide open or over 2kRPM it went away. I ended up adjusting the throttle vane switch per the FSM and it went away. Its an '80ZX.
  6. Not my car: '72 for $10k. Original owner. Total '70's paint job.

    I don't know..I think I'd try and touch up that paint and leave it. Maybe lose the wire wheels.
  7. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/6282985366.html
  8. Disappeared Threads?

    Back in march I made a thread called "TPS moisture". You corrected the terminology, but I didn't curse about it. Later in the thread, someone made a long post regarding internal TVS failures. You questioned it, and he got a bit upset it seemed.
  9. 79 has less power than my 83 both na

    Is it possible to put the air intake from the '83 in the '79, and take the cold air intake out of the equation? I drive an 80zx n/a and have an '82 n/a parts car..all that stuff except for the ignition control module and AFM boot are interchangeable. My 80' has 207k miles on it, has 175+/- compression and runs like a Swiss clock. Mileage is not necessarily an indicator of being worn out.
  10. Can't Take The German Dive Bomber Urge Out of a BMW

    The automatic pull up dive brakes must have failed when the JU-87 pilot passed out.
  11. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    At some point I'll be rechroming the piece behind the doors across the roof(ZX). I'm not far from there at all. Nice to know there's good local shops.
  12. Rebuilt engine idle problems, running rich

    I set my 80 ZX N/A to 20degrees before tdc. Also, have you verified that your oil pump shaft is properly indexed? Edit: 12 degrees before TDC
  13. 3 - 280z $500 each - Washington DC

    Might be time to build that rally car you've probably always wanted to build.
  14. P79 Head Stuck to Block, Please Help!

    Watch for power steering fluid leaks after the car has been driven and turned off. I made a similar mistake before I resorted to the engine hoist method. It started dripping about 5-8 drops of power steering fluid after shutoff.
  15. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Used as a space protector/ workbench for rebuilding a Dana 35.