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  1. What I meant to post before my phone nuked itself was the question of the built in resistor plugs optional for ZX's. Not sure if the S30 runs them and if there's any differences with the cap because of it.
  2. If you deleted the EGR, then you removed the intake/exhaust manifolds to plug the exhaust port? If so, did you replace the intake/exhaust manifold gasket? Did you remove the Throttle Valve Switch for any reason?,
  3. I think we all appreciate that you came here to try and see if the car could be put to use by keeping another Z alive. A classic Mustang is a glorious machine(as long as its not a Mustang II). I appreciate them a great deal, however they aren't my bag. But I sure would do a lot to make sure an abandoned one got to the right people. I hope it works out.
  4. I just recently went through a similar issue, but it was at a lower RPM(around 2k) I found that my throttle valve switch was improperly adjusted. I have a ZX, and I believe the TVS switches are similar for your car with the exception of you can take yours apart without drilling out any rivets. Check the FSM under fuel and see how to adjust it with an ohmmeter. Hopefully that is a good start.
  5. That automatic climate control is scary.
  6. You would think FL would be home to a great variety of good cars. But it seems everyone either buys them up quick or perhaps sells them up north?
  7. . Had the wee one pull the alternator out. We were listening to Devo.
  8. I had to go get one of these. Of course, a socket wont fit for some of the heat shield bolts.
  9. I deleted it, as I noticed it had been posted once already.
  10. Carbureted 2.8/5 speed/ aftermarket air.
  11. I should've updated as I think I've diluted the thread a bit. There was moisture in my TVS, but my rpm related problem was due to the alternator hold down bolt coming loose, causing the belt to slip preventing smooth voltage distribution to wherever it needed it. I guess that rpm was just the right spot to make it run weird. Thanks for your reply.
  12. The dropping resistor, as its called, are indeed 6 resistors that reduce voltage to the injector for protection. Looks like they started using them in 280z's EFI systems. I have no cause for concern that mine is bad, but it needs to be cleaned up and tested just to make myself feel better. I was just curious if you had run into any problems with them.