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  1. Thanks. I appreciate it. Not that they are related, but ignition modules from I believe '77-81 are compatible. The one I have is working and adjusted properly. According to the FSM ohmmeter check. It just likes to get wet. It's the one with the rivets that fasten the black plastic cover to the metal base.
  2. I made the mistake of getting an autozone cap and rotor when I first got the car just to get something new in there. Total garbage. I have a Bosch rotor on the way from Rock Auto. I'll let you know if its much better.
  3. A22-602 420
  4. A silica gel packet? Never thought of that. Thanks. I'll see if I can't get one in there.
  5. I wasn't too sure if that was OK with the electrics inside...but I'll give it a go. I was hesitant to use it in the actual TPS, and it sounds like that isn't what you are suggesting. So I'm not going to do it. I've used some Deoxit D5 on the connector, which stays dry. For now, I will put TPS removal as a regular maintenance item when needed and remember how minute and trite my problem is compared to real problems that others have.
  6. Every few months or so I'm pulling the TPS out of my N/A '80ZX to find tiny amounts of moisture built up inside causing a slight miss at a specific RPM(1600-1800). Once cleaned out it runs like a golden chariot. I live in the rainy pacific NW USA where constant moisture and cold fog dominate most of the year. The car has been daily driven for the past several months while rebuilding my Jeep, so its exposed to the elements. Has anyone found a decent way to seal or otherwise prevent moisture from building up in the TPS while still allowing for future removal?
  7. My mistake. Yours never had an injector cooling fan.
  8. Looks like your injector cooling fan is missing. Perhaps that is the connector for it.
  9. Almost sounds like the EGR is stuck open, if equipped.
  10. I have been dailying my '80ZX for about 3 months now. Not by choice. My daily was a '94 Cherokee. It has 384k miles, but the timing set is loose. Decided its time for a rebuild. while its taken apart in The garage, the Z has proven to be quite the reliable get to work/ kid transporter. Plus the added fun associated. There something about I6 RWD configuration that makes everything comfortable. It may be a longshot, but if you could find a late '80's Toyota Cressida you'll get a lot of the same joy while not burning up your Z.
  11. Hard to tell, but the picture of the open hatch reveals some crushed looking damage on the upper fender, nearby where the rear window should be.
  13. I was just making a snarky comment about the mindset of the average Washington's idea of entitlement. As a Washingtonian myself. Didn't mean offense, or to change the topic.
  14. But in Washington everyone is entitled to top dollar for nothing.
  15. Yikes. I'll bet it ends up with a small block Chevy in it.