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  1. Wow. There it all is. Thank you.
  2. The PO installed these chrome rims on my ZX sometime in the 90's. They don't look half bad cleaned up, but I'm wanting something more period correct that isn't the stock rim. I'm considering Enkei92's. I'd like to hear any one else's opinion. Perhaps there's something out there I haven't seen.
  3. Its a shame these things pop up when they do. I still have body work to complete on the ZX before adding another to the fleet. I could see paying that if it is what it seems to be. Hopefully the Z gods let the right person ends up with it.
  4. The head does look clean, but why not bother to clean up the valve cover? I spent about as much time shining up the cover as I did rebuilding the head.
  6. BBQ

    I went to check the temperature of a pork shoulder I was cooking in my ancient Weber grill, and realized the meat thermometer was still in the Z from checking actual engine temp. Vs gauge reading.
  7. My front brake caliper ate this one today.
  8. If distance from Michigan to wherever isn't an issue, and you want an engine that isn't stock, perhaps a car close to Virginia Beach could be found, and brought to Datsun Spirit, where a well built performance L28 could be built, before shipping to Jolly 'ol.
  9. Same thing happens to my ZX, gauge reads a touch high, but meat thermometer produces numbers within spec. When I first got it, it ran way hot. I decided to put the fan assembly from my parts car on and the temp went down in all conditions. One thing I noticed after switching fans was an audible fan noise once temp was reached that wasn't there with the original one. Do the early cars make that same noise when the fan is engaged?
  10. I'm not entirely sure about what the external silver capacitor looking device on my ZX alternator is. I believe it has something to do with noise reduction. I don't see it attached to yours. Perhaps it is deleted for this application. I can post a picture of it when I get back to the car if you'd like.
  11. Saw this one on Craigslist the other day. Not sure what's going on with that lower valence but might be worth checking out.
  12. That's really cool. I'm not too sure how that works for service members, whether its just vehicles registered on military installations or what. Nevertheless I do hope they stay with the car.
  13. Man I would love to get my hands on that JDOT registration plate. Its hard to find real ones and not U.S. service member issued ones. That character you see in the top indicates a prefecture of Tokyo called Tama. The 56 is vehicle classification I believe, pre-1998.
  14. When I liberated my ZX from its garage grave, the two mounting bolts that bolt the steering box to the frame were so loose you could hand turn them. Something quick and easy to check..
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