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  1. intermittant skipping

    I hope that is the case. Although not the same problem, I can notice a very slight misfire at low RPM coast. Only one throttle position. Anyone else I let drive the car can't notice it. Perhaps I'm OCD. Anyway, after about 15-20 minutes after the temp gauge reaches the middle, it goes away completely. I took it on a 3AM drive this morning for an hour before work, and shifted at no less than 3K RPM, so it was at around just over 2K RPM when the clutch engaged. I wanted to just call into work and keep driving. Problem is, traffic flow. It wants to be driven like I as able to drive it this morning. Not coasting 10 MPH slower than the speed limit behind a skiddish brake rider driving a Prius. A lot of people much more knowledgeable than I say their cars run better after freeway/spirited drives.
  2. intermittant skipping

    Did this ever get resolved?
  3. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    Mine has that as well. I am at work and don't have the FSM handy to find out what it is. I've never looked into its purpose, but it is identical to the one in my car, so it most likely isn't an aftermarket installation. Anti theft perhaps? Just a guess. Also, I don't recall the fuel pump relay in the trunk, under the trunk floor mat being mentioned. It is identified as relay number 2 or 3, I believe. Again, no FSM handy.
  4. Facebook vs Forums

    Its good for finding out what people are having for lunch and for the Russians to spread misinformation.
  5. Car wont turn over

    Is it possible that the grinding noise could be some flywheel teeth that are missing? If the starter is spinning but not making flywheel contact, would the CSV be putting fuel into the combustion chamber?(assuming its working properly). Perhaps spinning a rear wheel with it in gear would reposition the flywheel teeth. Doesn't explain why it won't stay running, but maybe you have a compound problem. In other words, it won't start because of one issue, and won't stay running because of another..
  6. Car wont turn over

    Well, what happens if you spin a rear wheel with the transmission in 1st gear? Does it spin freely? If space and help permit then I suppose trying to push start it would be a good idea. Assuming of course that it wouldn't be too difficult to get it back into the garage in case it doesn't start. Perhaps others will verify if this is good advice, before you actually go through the trouble of doing it. Edit: my stupid phone must have reloaded the thread later than when I was writing the last post. I see now that you have had the car running, and are trying to keep it running. Negating the need to do anything I just said to do. Disregard.
  7. Car wont turn over

    What happens if you push the car with it in gear?
  8. Open fuel system

    Excellent. Thanks.
  9. Open fuel system

    I have removed the fuel rail and all associated components from my parts ZX. There is about 5 gallons of fuel in the tank. I intend to drain and remove the tank this weekend. I don't particularly want to leave the fuel inlet/outlet lines open. If I plug the fuel lines to and from the fuel rail, and leave the gas filler cap off will that prevent any fuel pressure from building up over the next few days?
  10. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    JSM might be talking about this on second read.
  11. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    The relay location on my '82 parts car/spider habitat
  12. Overheating after modifications, what am I overlooking?

    Have you investigated the hissing noise at the thermostat housing you mentioned in the 1st post? When I replaced my intake/exhaust manifold gasket I removed all the stuff in that area. When I put the thermostat housing back it hissed and leaked a tiny bit. A bit of cooling system sealant(permatex grey) stopped it.
  13. Overheating after modifications, what am I overlooking?

    When it is hot, what happens when you squeeze the upper and lower radiator hoses(cap on)?
  14. 240Z's at Streets of Willow

    Glorious machines. Is #35's fuel filler moved to the drivers side for a fuel cell?