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  1. Kenmeri 5Speed Shift Knob

    Anyone have a wood lathe? I have these really cool layered pieces of wood, I just don’t know anyone in the Bay Area with a wood lathe
  2. Flying Z

    Wow, I've not updated this in a while, I started posting on this website that I was building ( https://www.specterbyte.com ). The car is now running...... And sometimes people come over to my house begging me to sell them the car.. its not happening. I ran into issues of the carb not running correctly (issue was ignition timing, I was running it retarded due to fear from flat top pistons + re surfaced N42) Ignition was upgraded to remove the scatter from points, using a MSD 12v Coil + ZX Dizzy. Mechanical fuel pump was leaking, so I deleted the pump, and started running the OEM electrical pump, going to swap it out for a Carter p4070 for reliability. Winter plans are to pain the body panels ( https://www.automotivetouchup.com) color matches pretty well, fix windows and perhaps get this GPS/GSM module setup inside the car. Winter plans also say, finish the CB550, and start metal work in the white Z... One day at a time.... (I only take pictures of the good side HA!)
  3. Regulator / Gauge - Do I Need It?

    Funny, I deleted my mechanical pump this week due to to leakage, and I swear just running the OEM electrical pump in the rear I get worse milage.. maybe its because finally it pulls hard enough to where I'm just abusing it. http://www.nicoclub.com/service-manual?fsm=260z/1974/EF Fuel System this file indicates that it should be outputting a max of 4.6 PSI, I wonder what the fuel rail see, the diameter of the pipe changes from 5/16 to 1/4 at the fuel rail.... What intertia switch did you go with? Ford?
  4. 1970 249Z Brake Booster

    I recently had my 260z booster rebuilt from Power Brakes Exchange in San Jose, there were markings on the enclosure tabs, but it needs to be done to get to the internals, they also bead blasted it as well. I was looking at auto zone, and noticed that they also sell remanufactured units through there. So far its great, I can stop the car again funny that my brakes booster failed on me when I had to stop to avoid a truck that entered my lane.... I do wish I had the sticker on it however. :\ Im not sure that " if its not broken don't fix it" applies here, although I do follow the saying a lot. Mine failed at me in a shitty moment, at this point the internals are. 40+ years old, and really should be refurbished. esp considering the impact that it can have on drivability. Mine lasted 6-7 months? before failing..
  5. It's always nice to think of everyone over on CZCC
  6. @HaZmatt I love the attention that you put to this car, inspires me to keep working on mine Have you considers putting it onto bring-a-trailer? Currently theres a series 1 thats been modified bidding for around $38k, I'm sure that you can use the finances to support your business! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-35/
  7. Looking for old carpet

    Howdy Guys, I need to get some carpeting in my car, does anyone have an old set sitting around, on the last year of university and can't really be throwing cash at a new set. Looking for front mats // behind the seats // and the rear trunk. Thanks! Rama
  8. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Those carpet retaining clips would be cool, people want a small fortune for them currently. I’m glad to see shop classes are still being supported, in the Bay Area most of them have been closed.
  9. Getting spammed by this website

    instantly regretted it.
  10. Getting spammed by this website

    I thought it was required by federal law in the United States to be able to unsubscribe from emails. Here is the reply as requested.
  11. Champion Radiator ATF Cooling Ports?

    I don't like double use systems, on all the 4runners I work on I deliberately tell the owners to switch to a stand alone unit. Leaks between the system mean either oil in the rad, or water in the trans, either way a no-no for me.
  12. 260Z dream car

    That baby blue color is really nice, its soft on the eyes.
  13. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    currently its set to 0 mechanical, and the dizzy is retarded all the way. With the timing gun, can see the mark on the crank pully pass by after the 0 mark on the timing bracket. I inspected the carbs fuel level, it appears that the fuel makes it to the top of the front jet, (i can blow over the jet and see it move down then up), however on the rear carb it does not appear to make its way to the top. I cleaned out the jet, and readjusted the mixture to attempt to tune out the little stutter that it has, on the driveway it seems okay so far.
  14. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    Valves were adjusted almost 1000miles ago, checked while motor was "hot", timing was set around same time, but i should probably double triple check the adjustment.
  15. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Kats, I was sitting around looking at pictures of peoples builds on Instagram for GTR / 2000GT, and was looking for similarities between them and any of the Z's (either fitted with s20, or L-series) I wanted to ask, do people race and compare the chassis with each other over in Japan? Are there advantages/disadvantages between them?