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  1. Wow that's really cool, are there reproductions of this available? (I assume the OEM Nissan ones would be hard to come by). It does not appear to be made out of metal? On the third image it looks more like a fiber based material..
  2. Hey Kats do you know if there is a difference between the dump guard on 240z vs z432? I was reading online that z432 goes from the radiator to near the firewall, while the 240z dump guards go from the radiator to the crossmember. Thanks for all the photos by the way, it's nice to see well treated cars.
  3. I like the mud flaps, was there an option for those in US? Or aftermarket item? With the stock ride height, I think I would want them on my Z, makes it look like an off-road car. 8)
  4. Howdy, I'm looking for 280z hood vents and a 240/260z lower front valance. Let me know what you have. I don't mind primered stuff. Regards
  5. Howdy, I was wondering if it's possible to implement https on the site. I was able to get it going on my server through letsencrypt pretty easily. It appears that the login page is encrypted, but the rest of the site is not. Regards
  6. Don't ever buy a Z they are not good cars. Take it from me Dewey, you don't want part of this. :^)
  7. Glad to hear you're alive, hope you heal up quick! Did you have any safety equipment in the car? I was driving my buddies Morris Mini and felt like a jelly bean inside a jar, no belts, no headrest on the seat. Thought to myself a full cage might be worth it... but that car needs plenty of other stuff.
  8. Wow that heater hose system looks great, did you make that yourself? Did you have to rethread the oil pressure threads to accept that T fitting?
  9. I mean I'm down for all those upgrades on the car, I would consider them OEM+, but modifications start when you pull the grinders and welders out. [emoji14] So the 260z is the black sheep in regards to its electrical system.
  10. When was the last time the head got a valve adjustment? If it's not been done in your ownership, i would start there.
  11. Some members like AC Delco Friction Modified trans oil, but I'm unsure if it could also be applied to the diff. I don't see why not.
  12. If the car is trashed then modify to your hearts desire, but don't be the one to tear into a perfectly good chassis. IMO. Seems like the were also trying to get the electronics sorted out. At least on my car I feel that way. Not sure about the 75', was the interlock unit kept on the efi cars?
  13. Every time I see a dash cap it makes me sure that some of the restorations people do on their dash are well worth the time. Its a fairly clean Z, what image is showing the left frame rail?
  14. Yeah your huge compression loss on one of the banks indicates issues. Do a leakdown test before you pull it off. Note the where the air is escaping. What does the oil look like? In the cylinders that are low does the top of the piston look clean?