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  1. I want one of these for my Z, is that zstore link to the same BSR style lip? Shame no carbon options
  2. I was under the assumption that Nissan was chrome plating these peices, which allow them to still last the years. I'll compare it to my buddies Mini Cooper Mk1, and AH Sprite. They should have British Manufactored SU-Carbs, and inspect.
  3. Is there a way to retain the GB (water) texture that is on the aluminum, for long period of time? Kats those SUs look very nice. I like the cadmium coating on all the fittings.
  4. That picture looks like the setup for my l24 from 73", I can take a gander at it after work today. Funny it's also caked in oil
  5. That's pretty sweet! I saw this car at Pixar Studios for our car show this past Friday. It's pretty sweet, did not get to hear it drive. It's in the back, behind this picture of the Cosmo ;(
  6. When you replaced the pump was it with a high pressure unit? Or an OEM equivalent? How did you clean the floats? I had to actually disassemble the valve inside the float and clean the seat.
  7. My Z had this issue, what I did was open the float bowl, remove the needle, take it apart and clean, and put back together. You might need a gasket if the old one is old. Try blowing air through the gas inlet, while lifting the float up to see if it's able to seal correctly. After you have this all done, turn the page to the service manual and get a base tune. Might be worthwhile to grab a carb tune. I thought mine was good, but my front was around 13 mmHg while the rear was probably around 7, I had the impression it was running good until I got my hands on the tool, and got them both on an idle around 12, now it's running like butter. Good luck, ask good questions, read and reread.
  8. I suspect that OEM Nissan fenders come unpainted?
  9. Howdy, One of these threads again.... I guess it's okay to have another one every couple of years, keep the information "fresh" I needed some assistance regarding what color my Z is, the tag located on the front cross-member was not stamped as is blank. I believe that it would be 304 Gold Metallic based on information that I found from, http://www.zhome.com/History/ZColorGallary/ I'm not currently looking to respray the whole car, i just need to get it semi-presentable to take out on dates, which means the driver fender // hood // front valance need to be addressed. I was considering to order the paint from http://www.autocolorlibrary.com/aclchip.aspx?image=1974-Datsun-pg01.jpg But am open to taking recommendations from others if you guys have had a good experience with a particular vendor. Perhaps order a sample prior to ordering the whole can?
  10. I ordered a copy right now, can't wait to dive in
  11. Wow that's really cool, are there reproductions of this available? (I assume the OEM Nissan ones would be hard to come by). It does not appear to be made out of metal? On the third image it looks more like a fiber based material..
  12. Hey Kats do you know if there is a difference between the dump guard on 240z vs z432? I was reading online that z432 goes from the radiator to near the firewall, while the 240z dump guards go from the radiator to the crossmember. Thanks for all the photos by the way, it's nice to see well treated cars.
  13. I like the mud flaps, was there an option for those in US? Or aftermarket item? With the stock ride height, I think I would want them on my Z, makes it look like an off-road car. 8)
  14. Howdy, I'm looking for 280z hood vents and a 240/260z lower front valance. Let me know what you have. I don't mind primered stuff. Regards
  15. Howdy, I was wondering if it's possible to implement https on the site. I was able to get it going on my server through letsencrypt pretty easily. It appears that the login page is encrypted, but the rest of the site is not. Regards