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  1. '75 S30 featured on Speedhunters

    I thought the paint looks nice on the car, it seems to change colour when the shots are presented from AUS, I wonder if its the camera settings. There appears to be hodge-podged parts from earlier cars, like the grill/240z turn signals, and some of the interior as well with the accordion shift boot (ZX?). One thing that was confusing was the author saying that the front bumper/lip was stock in Japan, is this true? "It’s nice to see a nice stock front on an S30, don’t you think? The ZG nose is a great addition, and one that people love to do outside of Japan, but there’s something so simple and authentic about the original front end that the car came with." Maybe the owner built the car with the intention of selling it anyway.
  2. WTB:Old Gloves

    Hey Yall, Going to be taking the Z to a track event in a couple weeks, I wanted to get some gloves. Was hoping to find someones old pair that they don't really use anymore. Shoot me a PM! Regards, Rama
  3. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    On a 4-screw w/equal length arms, I can’t recall if the nozzle was longer in the front. I believe there was a difference within the replacement ones that I bought. But I ended up setting the float distance from the inside of the float bowl lid. I’m running 13/32in,(10.3mm) for the front; 16/32in (12.7mm) the rear. Need to check how the color-tune results are, the sparks run pretty clean. Edit* typo
  4. Z car forum not compatible!

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapatalk.classiczcarscom The required version of Android is 4.2+, perhaps you were using an older version for the application, in that case @Mike might have an older build version that he can send. If you can update the Android version on the tablet, that might sort you out. There have been lots of recent security fixes within the last 1.5 years, if you have the option to update the hardware, you get security updates from the newer operating systems, as well as a faster machine.
  5. Removing the carburetor water cooling lines

    When I did my rebuild, I opted to keep the carb coolant lines, it was for the reasons that 240260280 posted above, and some other research over from zCar.com . Some people say that they can run them with no issues, I'd rather just have the coolant moving around. If you are going to replace the thermostat, go OEM, aftermarket have accuracy and precision issues.
  6. 260z interlock TSB

    Our friends over at HybridZ have some info, I removed the 2 connectors, but had to jump the reset switch to get power to the relay for the solenoid. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/80626-260z-seatbelt-interlock-defeat/
  7. Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    that weber setup looks great. almost as good as this BCH. ha
  8. Loose seatback

    Grubbs can you take some photos of the repair? My Z has the same issue, I just wanna see how the repair is approached. Regards
  9. Loose wire

    Looks like the sense wire for the alternator? It’s on that combination of wires, the positive and ground are in the background. You might wanna get a good crimp tool, if you need new connectors checkout vintage connections
  10. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    Here we have an example of a Z thats been sitting out in the UK rain.
  11. Yeah I would +10 on those electrical upgrades from Dave. Seriously, like add to cart right now , really prevents the wiring from getting messed up, and prevents the combo switch from melting. I have not driven my 240 much, as it’s torn apart, but I hear the replacement piece to change the fuses to blade fuses is really good, the old ones have issues where they get hot/melt.. Maybe a AAA membership if your on the west coast, saved me a couple times! Tell him to join the forums, and treat the car well!
  12. Z31 N/A RB project

    I’m surprised no one at the dealership picked that car up while it was moving from location to location, it looks great!
  13. Facebook vs Forums

    Not calling y'all old or anything, but from the perspective of a younger guy, I hate the intrusions of privacy that Facebook is able to implement, facial recognition on the images that you post (from there associations of who you are hanging around with), location data is sent to them, now they know where you hang out and where you go, conversation that you have are data-mined as well for advertising, where the mouse hovers on the screen thats recorded for "user experience". Not something that I want to contribute to. and like everyone here says, the advised that they give on those sites tends to be half-thought/sub-par at best. Personally I'd rather just sick around here.
  14. Perfect! I can use them on my 260 PMed.