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  1. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Those carpet retaining clips would be cool, people want a small fortune for them currently. I’m glad to see shop classes are still being supported, in the Bay Area most of them have been closed.
  2. Getting spammed by this website

    instantly regretted it.
  3. Getting spammed by this website

    I thought it was required by federal law in the United States to be able to unsubscribe from emails. Here is the reply as requested.
  4. Champion Radiator ATF Cooling Ports?

    I don't like double use systems, on all the 4runners I work on I deliberately tell the owners to switch to a stand alone unit. Leaks between the system mean either oil in the rad, or water in the trans, either way a no-no for me.
  5. 260Z dream car

    That baby blue color is really nice, its soft on the eyes.
  6. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    currently its set to 0 mechanical, and the dizzy is retarded all the way. With the timing gun, can see the mark on the crank pully pass by after the 0 mark on the timing bracket. I inspected the carbs fuel level, it appears that the fuel makes it to the top of the front jet, (i can blow over the jet and see it move down then up), however on the rear carb it does not appear to make its way to the top. I cleaned out the jet, and readjusted the mixture to attempt to tune out the little stutter that it has, on the driveway it seems okay so far.
  7. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    Valves were adjusted almost 1000miles ago, checked while motor was "hot", timing was set around same time, but i should probably double triple check the adjustment.
  8. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Kats, I was sitting around looking at pictures of peoples builds on Instagram for GTR / 2000GT, and was looking for similarities between them and any of the Z's (either fitted with s20, or L-series) I wanted to ask, do people race and compare the chassis with each other over in Japan? Are there advantages/disadvantages between them?
  9. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    Mark ill give that a try, is there an accurate way to check if the fuel level is at 1/16" below the top? I assume eyeballing it to a reference would be "okay" How many times do these 4-screw jets turn out? I think mine does almost 3.5 turns before it bottoms out, however on some threads I hear that people are able to get more than that?
  10. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    Ah someone has yet to respond to this, but I thought I might as well give an update to what has happened so far. I set the front carb to 13/32" clearance from the top plane of the float chamber, and according to some online images, i added 2.4mm to the rear clearance, for a total of 16/32", I set the idle around 700-800 ~25mmHg on the syncrometer, the motor pulls a lot better, and less sputtering, although on right turns the engine complains a little. I think leaning out the jets might help address the dieseling issue that I'm having when turning off the motor, will further test tonight.
  11. Howdy Yall, I've been driving my Z for a couple weeks, (its too much fun, dont want to drive other cars now). Ran into an issue that I cant seem to get myself out of. I'm getting what appears to be a lean condition on the carbs, the motor will produce a backfire/bog down when running between 2.7-3.5k RPM, and if i get to 40 mph it really drives rough. I parked the car for 2 weeks and have been trying to get a baseline tune on the carbs, based on information that I'm finding on the web, but am a little confused from the information that I'm reading online regarding the float settings: Idle ~6-750RPM @ 20mmhg on the flowmeter apparently for this carb (1970 4-screw), the instruction set that came with the carb rebuild kit states that I should be at 10.38mm on both front and rear carb, online readings indicate that the rear should be configured at ~2mm lower than the front, but the 1970 4-screws have equal length float arms, and the new floats that I got have longer floats needles in the front, while the float needles that came with the carbs are equal length front and rear. When I end up placing a new (aftermarket) float needle into the rear carb, and set it to ~10.38mm FROM THE FLAT PLATE THAT THE FLOAT NEEDLE SITS ON, i end up with a sunk float needle, which leads me to believe that the configuration is incorrect. I think adjusting the float level correctly would be the first thing to do in order to get the mixture configuration correct, does anyone have some input, or maybe some settings that work for their 4-screw? Should I switch the manufacturer for the float needles? Really want to drive it
  12. Hybridz.org is "For Sale"

    It would be a shame to loose all that data that people have figured out. Should be archived if anything. It's like google searching a zcar.com link and getting routed to their forum index. [emoji58] frustrating when searching for solutions.
  13. 1983 Datsun 280ZX Coupe N/A parting out.

    happen to have an alternator pully?
  14. Front Lip/Spoiler ID Help

    I want one of these for my Z, is that zstore link to the same BSR style lip? Shame no carbon options
  15. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I was under the assumption that Nissan was chrome plating these peices, which allow them to still last the years. I'll compare it to my buddies Mini Cooper Mk1, and AH Sprite. They should have British Manufactored SU-Carbs, and inspect.