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  1. fast food

  2. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    So do you think they are PURPOSELY trying to help get the Trojan installed, or do they just not understand?
  3. fast food

    Haha!!! I love that bit! I've heard that thing a thousand times on the radio, but never knew there was a video for it. Thanks for that! They used to play that one on a morning radio show in the Phila area. Along with (not sure if they're the official names) - Nikki Hoi, Wet Dream, I want a Jaguar, I'm miz-a-ble, right?, 'Cause I'm a Blonde, But then I got high, and many others! And JSM... You're right! It does look like him! Put a HAM radio mic in the pic, and you nailed it!
  4. Actually it sounds like they were a lot of help and you're just looking at it wrong. They told you that you are already (or are about to be) in possession of stolen property, but didn't send the authorities to find you. I think you should be happy with that result. Yes, adhering to the law can be "inconvenient". It usually costs more, and usually takes more time. But it's the right thing to do. And a $500 payoff to a buddy who works at an impound despite the unscrupulous and questionable origin of the car is not the right way to do it. If it was never declared abandon in the first place, then removing it is called theft. There seems to be a trend by tzagi1 here of "attaining" vehicles from people who never had the authority to sell them in the first place. Some people call that fraud. And because you actually know it's wrong, that makes it even worse. Remind me to never buy a car from Nevada. Rust free or not. I'd be worried it was stolen and passed through hands like this. @Mike Tough to do, but I've had enough. Captain Out. Seriously. Someone should call the authorities.
  5. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    Wow. Thanks for the detailed critique. Much appreciated. I doubt I would have ever picked up on the Trojan. That's really saddening. So you told the vender about it, and other than them begging you to remove the negative feedback, did they have anything else to say about it? Not sure if it's the same kind of interconnect, but the next hurdle you will have is getting the USB to parallel adapter cable to work right with pirate counterfeit FTDI driver chips. (I think this is where that whole thing comes in.) Keep up the good work!
  6. And BTW... DMV.ORG? Seriously? At the top of DMV.ORG's website it says: "DMV.ORG IS A PRIVATELY OWNED WEBSITE THAT IS NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY ANY STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCY." so forget about anything you find there. If someone is looking for info on Nevada rules, then they should go to Nevada DMV site. But about that note on DMV.COM? It's true. Sort of... According to NV rules, You do not need to have a title in hand to sell a vehicle that is more than 9 years old. Instead of the seller signing the title over, the seller can fill out a request for a replacement title instead along with providing a BOS. So while that note on DMV.COM is technically true, it's an incomplete cherry pick sound byte of a more complicated procedure. Here's the procedure as described by Nevada DMV: You must provide a properly signed-off title to the buyer in private party sales, family sales or gifts. Any loan or other lien must be satisfied first. . . . The only exception is if the vehicle was 1) last titled in Nevada, 2) is more than 9 model years old and 3) has no liens or the owner of record has a lien release, the buyer and owner of record can then complete 1) an Application for Duplicate Title (VP 012) and 2) a Bill of Sale to transfer ownership. So you either sign over the title, or if the title is lost or mutilated, then you can have the seller fill out the request for a replacement instead of signing over the original. Ref: http://dmvnv.com/regprivate.htm#selling http://dmvnv.com/pdfforms/vp012.pdf http://www.dmvnv.com/pdfforms/vp104.pdf
  7. A bill of sale isn't worth anything if the person on the selling end of the agreement isn't in the legal position to sell the vehicle. For example, I can give a buyer a BOS as I sell him my sister's car. But since I never owned my sister's car in the first place and didn't have the authority to sell it in the first place, that BOS is simply a worthless piece of paper that has some words and a couple signatures on it. Or my sister could sell her ex-husband's car out from under him and give the buyer a BOS. But since she never had the authority to sell it in the first place, again... worthless piece of paper that has some words on it. I hope you can get an honest legitimate title for the car. It would be a shame to take a rust free example out of the shrinking pool and cut it up.
  8. 510 Su's

    Haha!! Thanks guys! I don't know about the little 38mm varieties, but there is plenty of meat on the Z flat tops. Just remember... Measure twice, cut once. "I cut it twice, and it's still too short." is often heard around my shop. Someday I'll have a pic of a car with uber-round tops installed.
  9. There should be, and I agree with the above. It would be a real shame to a ruin a rust free car in the form of cut-off body parts if it could be legitimately titled instead. If the car was really hers to sell, then you should be able to get the proper paperwork to get it legitimately titled. Keep in mind, however, that just because a buyer calls a car "abandoned", it doesn't make it so. It's not up to the buyer to make that distinction. The NV DMV guidelines state that abandoned vehicles can be removed by a licensed NV wrecker who fills out all the appropriate paperwork and places a lien against the vehicle owner. And if the vehicle was on private property, there's more: "If an abandoned vehicle has been towed as a result of a property owner or property manager's request to remove an abandoned vehicle from their private property, a "PRIVATE PROPERTY ABANDONED VEHICLE RELEASE" (POR) form is required by the Department as proof of a private property abandoned vehicle impound." But back to the original belief that "she" owns the car. You can't "abandon" your own vehicle on your own property. If you're there, then it's not abandoned. You can have your own car hauled off as scrap (and there's forms for that too), but you can't proclaim your own vehicle as abandoned. It's a divide by zero error. So if she truly owns the car outright, then she should be able to sell it to you with the proper paperwork. If this vehicle changed possession (note that I did not say "ownership") with some cash and a handshake between two people, neither of whom names appear on the title, then it didn't really change ownership. If that's how it works, then I could "sell" my neighbor's old car that hasn't been titled for ten years. And there's a name for places that cut up and sell parts of a car that they never truly owned.... Ref: http://www.dmvnv.com/pdfforms/vp263.pdf http://www.dmvnv.com/pdfforms/wreckertow.pdf
  10. 510 Su's

    I know you know this already, but the idle is supposed to happen with the blades completely closed. That's one of the common ways that people who don't understand the flat tops screw them up. As for being embarrassed when you open the hood, I've got a better idea. Do what I did. You've got a lathe, right? ROUND TOPS!!!
  11. Sounds like a great platform for a project, but I'd be careful buying this car. With no title and no way to get in touch with the real owner, I'd be worried about how to actually legally buy the car. What state is the car currently titled in? Most states have provisions for "abandon" vehicles. Is that what this one is?
  12. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Yeah, you did OK. A little petty to be feeling left out, but you did OK.
  13. Modified SU carb needles for L28

    Maybe this will help... They wouldn't go any higher. They would just get there faster. The dampers don't control the height of the pistons, they just slow down the speed of travel. Wood sticks temporarily in place of the dampers would give you a good idea of what's going on inside the carb, but I've got two issues with that technique. First, when you remove the caps, you create a small vacuum leak. The same vacuum that pulls the dampers up is now vented to atmosphere. Might be OK above idle, but I'd be worried about that leak at idle. And second... You won't really get much useful info with the car sitting still under no load conditions. What you really need to do is drive the car with sticks in place and see what the pistons do with a load on the engine. Since the amount of piston rise is linked to engine output, with no load you won't ever get much piston rise. A transient when you blip the throttle yes, but no steady state synchronization info to be gleaned from that scenario.
  14. Modified SU carb needles for L28

    All of those needles are called ".100 needles" because they are "designed to be used with .100 nozzles." That's just the way they are classified. There are ".090 needles", ".100 needles", and ".125 needles." That's just the family characteristic.
  15. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Haha! Was pretty sure someone would pick that one up!