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  1. Daty240, sorry for hijacking your post. I noticed when people convert to solid lifters they use the same cam, according to this chart there is a difference between the 2 and I would think one can't replace the other, I was told the offset is the main difference between the two, not sure what that really means
  2. Here are the numbers off of my bad P90A cam.
  3. Hello Captain, long time no chat. I followed your 280 throttle body rebuild and you helped me rebuild mine with new bushings to fix the sticky throttle. I will check tomorrow and get back with you.
  4. I am running a P90A on my turbo car and so far (4 or 5K miles) no problems at all. First thing you will notice how quiet the engine is. The only limitation I know of (other than you can't get new ones) is you can't run a really big cam (460 lift max I think). I am looking for another cam for my spare P90A if you have one you want to sell.
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