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  1. 240Z from France import US

    Hi. This one ? Was he from Bordeaux ? Sadly, sold on perhaps 4 years ago now and I have no news of it. Surprising as it's a small Datsun world here with maybe 200 max 240Zs registered in France.
  2. 240Z from France import US

    What sells here are 240Zs, don't worry with 'series 1s', there's no premium here for having an early one.
  3. 240Z from France import US

    Is that a dry state ? How is the metal after +40yrs up there ?
  4. 240Z from France import US

    Merci Mark - lui et moi se connais. C'est un jeun avec beaucoup de courage et détermination pour réaliser sa rêve. ps merci pour 'la pub' :-) !
  5. Couple of weeks - they're being made now (I hope as it is major holiday time here right now) !
  6. Hi Don......the key fob is yours for free - there is a slight delay until I have the patches - can the header wait ?
  7. I haven't mentioned this before but.......goodies ! There is no profit in this - it's just for fun so here is the range : Lanyards $4 Iron-on embroidered patches $6 (images to follow) Leather laser-cut key-rings $12 T-shirts $14 Grill badges (printed resin on s-steel) $30 All with postage on top (if not ordering with a header/line/muffler) but I'll get them out as cheap as poss. normally no more than $12
  8. Sorry - not clear - here is the last FRP price list I had.
  9. Hi Marcel. I realise that FB is far from perfect as a 'vitrine' and that my site is overdue - my fault, I'm awaiting the new batch with which to make updated photos (eg my old ones don't show the O2 sensors and I've new products coming) and I haven't perfected a big part of the text - I have a couple of articles on exhausts that explain everything to help people choose. That said, it'll never be an on-line shop - I want people to contact me before buying so as to ensure they get what they need - big isn't always best and there is no obligation to buy - happy to advise and spend a moment with another zedder. In the meantime, people can contact me via sites such as this, via FB messenger or simply direct via email : seanz@wanadoo.fr Thanks for your patience and understanding. Kind regards, Sean
  10. Hi. A little bit of news and an update of my prices. Unfortunately, with the way the € is performing against foreign currencies, I’ve had to readdress prices with an inevitable but modest (2.5-ish %) increase. As a good gesture, anyone with the intention to buy can do so now (against an August delivery) and pay using the previous prices ! I have some parts still in stock – the rest will be available from mid-August. Included now on the list are my new 280ZX parts and extra S30 rear silencer options. In 2018, I’m hoping to offer a choice of S30 downpipes and also an L28ET header and downpipe. Kind regards, Sean
  11. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    I consider that very correct of you to have mentioned it and of them to have listened and reacted. The fact that they mention "We have successfully fit every Fujitsubo exhaust on all 240Z or 280Z cars with an R200 diff installed." indicates that they were aware of the problem - no ?
  12. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    If I was them and being so big, I'd have someone respensable for export marketing who would take the time to check up once a year on retailer's listings - especially S30 ones in the USA unless they marginalise that market ? Anyway, so...we DO agree that Fujitsubo's foreign (export) market retailers are listing their products for cars upon which they won't fit whether those retailers be in the USA, Japan or the GB ? NISMO, as it is today, don't make anything for S30s and can't change their past - it ever it offends them later or appears on some Renault-based Dacia badged as a Datsun in Burma, I shall remove it, advice appreciated - as always. For the record, I have NEVER criticised Fujitsubo's S30 products and the better the competition gets, the more I'm pushed to excellence - best market forces at work.