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  1. Couple of weeks - they're being made now (I hope as it is major holiday time here right now) !
  2. Hi Don......the key fob is yours for free - there is a slight delay until I have the patches - can the header wait ?
  3. I haven't mentioned this before but.......goodies ! There is no profit in this - it's just for fun so here is the range : Lanyards $4 Iron-on embroidered patches $6 (images to follow) Leather laser-cut key-rings $12 T-shirts $14 Grill badges (printed resin on s-steel) $30 All with postage on top (if not ordering with a header/line/muffler) but I'll get them out as cheap as poss. normally no more than $12
  4. Sorry - not clear - here is the last FRP price list I had.
  5. Hi Marcel. I realise that FB is far from perfect as a 'vitrine' and that my site is overdue - my fault, I'm awaiting the new batch with which to make updated photos (eg my old ones don't show the O2 sensors and I've new products coming) and I haven't perfected a big part of the text - I have a couple of articles on exhausts that explain everything to help people choose. That said, it'll never be an on-line shop - I want people to contact me before buying so as to ensure they get what they need - big isn't always best and there is no obligation to buy - happy to advise and spend a moment with another zedder. In the meantime, people can contact me via sites such as this, via FB messenger or simply direct via email : seanz@wanadoo.fr Thanks for your patience and understanding. Kind regards, Sean
  6. Hi. A little bit of news and an update of my prices. Unfortunately, with the way the € is performing against foreign currencies, I’ve had to readdress prices with an inevitable but modest (2.5-ish %) increase. As a good gesture, anyone with the intention to buy can do so now (against an August delivery) and pay using the previous prices ! I have some parts still in stock – the rest will be available from mid-August. Included now on the list are my new 280ZX parts and extra S30 rear silencer options. In 2018, I’m hoping to offer a choice of S30 downpipes and also an L28ET header and downpipe. Kind regards, Sean
  7. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    I consider that very correct of you to have mentioned it and of them to have listened and reacted. The fact that they mention "We have successfully fit every Fujitsubo exhaust on all 240Z or 280Z cars with an R200 diff installed." indicates that they were aware of the problem - no ?
  8. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    If I was them and being so big, I'd have someone respensable for export marketing who would take the time to check up once a year on retailer's listings - especially S30 ones in the USA unless they marginalise that market ? Anyway, so...we DO agree that Fujitsubo's foreign (export) market retailers are listing their products for cars upon which they won't fit whether those retailers be in the USA, Japan or the GB ? NISMO, as it is today, don't make anything for S30s and can't change their past - it ever it offends them later or appears on some Renault-based Dacia badged as a Datsun in Burma, I shall remove it, advice appreciated - as always. For the record, I have NEVER criticised Fujitsubo's S30 products and the better the competition gets, the more I'm pushed to excellence - best market forces at work.
  9. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    Just having a laugh which is more than you two are. Talking of other threads from other forums : http://zclub.net/forum/showthread.php?t=27994&highlight=fujitsubo http://torque-gt.co.uk/category/product-feature/ Just another retailer, quoting a 240Z when the car in photo isn't, expecting to sell JDM-specific model products into the UK S30 market.....will they be warning customers about fitting issues ?
  10. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    I read this : S30 HS30 : L20, L24 GS30 : L20 And I agree with both of you that the importer/retailer has the most important responsability in averting clients but....by the very fact of these being exported, Fujitsubo must be aware that they risk being fitted on export models - do you accept that point ? It is on that point only that I reproche them for not including a disclaimer/caveat in the exported boxes stating that these are not designed to fit upon export models. This would protect the end customers who could then return them to the retailers, reinforced by Fujitsubo themselves...protection ! Big or small company - THAT is called customer relations and I'd be surprised if you don't believe in that and simply 'caveat emptor'. Alan, you're sticking up for common sense and fair play ! Fair play to me means looking after the clients who buy the products and keep the company turning, common sense is avoiding said clients complaining publicly that their products don't fit - see my first paragraph re kits exported - either Fujitsubo have turned a blind eye (I hope not) or they've not become aware yet that foreign retailers are misleading Fujitsubo clients ! Big or small company...there have been many after-market headers produced, Trust and Kameari look to be copies too so no, as a 'one-man pig-farmer' in rural France, I really think I have less risk than those closer to home in the mother-land and mine are called : Headers : Full-Race Race-Sport Street-Sport Exhaust lines : 2x seater and the 'spawn of the devil' 2+2 Mufflers : Classic Street/Track-day JDM* *this last you and I discussed and agreed that it was a more suitable name than 'Z432' as indeed resembled (except from the inlet side) the part which was optional in the S30 JDM and not confinded solely to the S20 powered cars. From July I shall also be supplying an S130 complete header and line - I guess I'm speculating Jason. Lastly, this is a forum where ANYONE can discuss about anything and everything Z-related - I won't be taking your (tongue in cheek again ?) advice to shut up. I have stated in a recent previous post that Fujitsubo make a great kit - I'm not and never have maligned their products - you have a fine line between nit-picking and all out war.....let's avoid the Guns of August and go back to plaing nicely together - we're all agreed here except on one which you both ignore - Fujitsuno knowingly exports their S30 kits to retailers knowingly selling them to owners of cars for which they weren't designed to fit upon........and both of you appear to accept that as normal business practice - I don't so burn me as THE heretic-messenger ! Have a nice Easter weekend.
  11. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    Please share the link with us Jason - cards on the table here :-)
  12. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    You're folding up Alan - you ought to know me better - I won't be brow-beaten....and don't make this personal between me and Fujitsubo....I'm not attacking them, I merely commented that they ought to make sure that their products are not improperly advertised. The USA is a big market and one where people litigate easily - they must be happy to allow Whitehead the exclusive distribution and so could easily check up upon 1x dealer ! I speculate here but it smacks of happy to sell at distance and damned be the consumer who falls for the blurb !