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  1. Stock front speaker panel restoration

    Just so you have correct info, Nissan did not offer speakers in this location - what you have were added by a previous owner. With that said, the panels the speakers are mounted to are generally referred to as "kick panels". A matte black repaint would be pretty accurate.
  2. OK to get the S30 wet?

    I think I just got wet reading this!
  3. New Z owner. 2 q's about paint?

    You can probably mask the handles, suggest you try to block them in the up/lifted position to get max. access to the recess in that area. The SS strip along the door top is the squeegee strip, it can be popped up and off the door.
  4. New Z owner. 2 q's about paint?

    While you have the inside hatch panel off, why not remove the dovetails and the rest of the hatch hardware - dovetail down stoppers, latch striker. license plate light screws. This is what those parts can look like if completely refurbished with fresh plating. Even if you don't replate, you can still get everything thoroughly cleaned of dirt, grease, paint spray before you put it all back together. The same goes for the door latches and strikers.
  5. New Z owner. 2 q's about paint?

    On your question 1: Remove the hatch latch (external bolts/screws). To get to the hatch lock mechanism, remove the inside panel. The plastic rivets have a core that must be pushed thru before the rivet can be lifted out - expect to lose some of the cores, replacement rivets are available. The hatch lock is secured in place with a rectangular "C" clip of spring metal. The door locks are similarly held in place with spring clips. Remove the inner door panel and with the window up you might be able to access the locks for removal. If not, you're looking at removal of the window frames and windows to get to the handles and locks. Some folks can pull windows without removal of the frames, I'm not that talented. As to front and rear glass, GENTLY remove stainless trim from the gaskets with a flat blade - putty knife, plastic body trim tool, ...etc. It bends VERY easily, be careful! If the gaskets are aged and brittle its best to cut them out. Do not use any kind of blade against the edge of the hatch glass to lever it out of the gasket. If you're going this far, consider removing the quarter glass altho that requires removal of interior panels to get to the retaining screws.
  6. New vinyl question

    What he said. For reference, this is my OE vinyl as it was going back into the car.
  7. FS: 240Z Bell Crank

  8. FS: S30 Rear Marker Set

    This is a refurbished OE rear marker set - not some of the cheap aftermarket crap! The housings are in excellent condition, not a spec of rust or corrosion, no damage to the wiring or connectors. The gaskets are fresh and flexible (look new), no aging or other deterioration. The IKI lenses have been cleaned and polished, no cracks or chips. The SS bezels are straight and have been polished. Included are the mounting screws and replated fender clips. $60 includes free shipping within CONUS. Payment via PayPal.
  9. FS: 240Z Bell Crank

    Thanks for the response, PM sent.
  10. FS: 240Z Bell Crank

    Refurbished 240Z bell crank, new yellow zinc plating. Replated accelerator-to-bell crank rod, used nylon bushings and C-clip. $20 includes shipping within CONUS. Payment via PayPal.
  11. FS: New Poly Steering Coupler

    This was part of a poly bushing kit I bought from MSA a few years ago, fits all S30's and S130's. Never installed. $12 includes shipping within CONUS. Payment via PayPal.
  12. WTB: 240Z Grill Parts

    This one is out of a '73, looks identical to my '71 so I don't think there were any changes due to the bumper changes. Thanks for checking.
  13. WTB: 240Z Grill Parts

  14. WTB: 240Z Grill Parts

    Hey Jim @zKars or Philip @240260280, anything like this in your parts hoard?
  15. wtb plastic ashtray lid and cig lighter bracket ( on tunnel)

    New repro unit listed for $75 at http://www.240zrubberparts.com/