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  1. Tire Dangers

    And now we better understand why most reputable tire stores don't want the customers in the shop area.
  2. Stronger Lift Pad Locations To Prevent Frame Rail Damage

    Hockey pucks! No... not an expletive but an answer. I have a set of four hockey pucks with a slot milled thru them to fit the body weld at the jack points. Useful for the floor jack, a lift, jack stands, ...etc. A cheap solution.
  3. Some questions about the 240Z's Doors and Locks

    I have a theory on the item one question. Both parts catalogues are consistent in showing a rev date for the assembly and no rev dates for any of the component parts. My theory is that the change was in the method/sequence of the assembly and not in the parts. They assigned a new P/N to keep track of the change. Thoughts?
  4. Some questions about the 240Z's Doors and Locks

    Got it - we're talking hardware, not software. Riddle me this: the assembly has a 7110 rev. date but none of the component parts. Interesting!
  5. Some questions about the 240Z's Doors and Locks

    Re question 1: I use the online parts manual for most of my lookups, it shows a door panel assembly change at the '72 model introduction - 7207, items 11 & 12. I browsed around the various parts, found no references to 7110. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/body-240z/door-moulding-finish-arm-rest On question 3, my car (12/70) is a two-key setup. Probably too early for your transition comment.
  6. New grill for 240z

    The video shows three attachment points - top left and right, bottom center. They eliminated the lower left and right points.
  7. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    My tupence worth: I see the advice from the sheriff and the appraiser as sketchy at best - its not their skin in the game nor do they have the final say. The only opinion that counts is your state's DMV! In my state, all title application inspections are handled by the Highway Patrol officers. They have an extensive listing of all of the locations for permanent VIN stamps, including the factory secret locations. Those are the only VIN identifiers that count. If you plan to move forward on a driver and not a parts car, check with your DMV before acting on it.
  8. Modern formula for safari gold

    Arden, FWIW, here's a pic of my car taken in 1999 just before I tore it down for the resto. I'd say your test spray is pretty well on target. Jim
  9. Another one bites the dust.

    At least there will be bits and pieces that can benefit others down the line.
  10. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Ha! Given the starting point, there weren't too many options. At least one, possibly two coats of color overspray. Hoping to get this one good enough to go back in service somewhere.
  11. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Ready for primer!
  12. How do you get this off? Or does it come off?

    IIRC, the bolt on the tie rod end is a taper fit into the steering arm. If you're not replacing the tie rods, put the nut back onto the thread before you whack on it. And... no, there is no bushing missing. The grease boot on the tie rod end usually expands to fill the gap.
  13. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    That's a joke, right? I'm still soaking the two you included in the pkg., the nuts are well frozen to the threads but I'm hoping to get them free to have as spares. Canadian salt, eh? At least the four originals with this grill all came loose OK and will get well protected as part of the refurb. BTW - the vertical bars cleaned up very well with the sand blaster.
  14. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Not my car - some of my my rescued partZ. Working to rehabilitate a 240Z grill. A friend has a blasting cabinet so I was able to get all the small pieces easily cleaned up. The blades are too long for the cabinet, getting stripped with a drill motor and sanding wheel (not disc). Original paint plus one or two additional layers.
  15. Important - Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Since posting this earlier today I've determined I have two units covered by the recall - one for the home, one in the car. Be safe folks, check out those fire bottles! The process from Kidde will be to send me replacement units and instructions on what to do with the old ones.