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  1. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    So something is not right with my connections. Thanks for checking.
  2. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    No, I havent heard that before. Kill it with fuel idling? I see no difference when I adjust it idling. Ill check the connections.
  3. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    So the distributor is a story that is definitely convoluted. The short of the long story is, I ordered one through RockAuto, and the ignition module was bad, so I ordered another one and swapped the module and all's fine, until this low end stumble. I honestly thought that the ignition module was failing again, but I'm just speculating. Over 20 years ago I did this exact thing when replacing a Turbo ZX distributor, where the new distributors module was bad. TVS I have adjusted and it seems to be fine. Some of my electrical connection are far from stellar, and need to be replaced. So telling me you replaced all your connectors is quite inspiring, and it really need to be done. " I have no idea what portion of that work corrected the issue." Isnt that the real story of these cars? But at least you got it fixed. Your issue is exactly how mine in acting, I can accelerate through the stumble. Thanks very much.
  4. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    All good.
  5. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    Ok. So mine is stumbling at low RPM when starting off from a a dead stop until about 1500-2000 RPM, smooth otherwise. I have adjusted the resistor many times, without much success. Does anyone have a resistance number that seems to work if measured?
  6. Resister tweak for fuel injection

    I installed the resistor that you can get at ZCardepot when in was troubleshooting the car in the past. My question is what symptoms are some of you seeing whether a lean or rich condition exists.
  7. What symptoms are you trying to remedy with the added resistor on fuel injection?
  8. Converting ZX auto airconditioning

    Great. I have a manual A/C control dash control unit, and the manual heater core unit it was hooked up to. The engine side items I will need. Thanks.
  9. Anyone have experience on converting ZX auto A/C to manual A/C?
  10. Mint condition 1979 280ZX dash, along with door panels that are in great shape. Included are the lower dash panels with courtesy lights, steering wheel, spare tire cover, center air conditioner vents, radio mount, fuse box cover. Zero cracks. A rare find, with analog Quartz clock, chrome trimmed door pockets, cigar lighter, stereo surround adjuster. Wiring harness is intact, and complete. Both defroster ducts included, pictures only show the one, but both are included. Door panels are in great shape, solid with no tears. Spare tire cover has a few blemishes, but is very acceptable. Discoloration in pictures of dash and A/C vents is cleaner that was drying. Right side lower dash panel with courtesy light was drilled for alarm system, but is not seen when mounted since its on the bottom of the panel, vacuum selector switch on left panel is also intact. Give me a reasonable offer for all.
  11. Hesitation during acceleration

    I saw the BCCD under the intake, doesnt look like I can do much with it. 79-81 have a dashpot, 82 they got wise, or fancy, one of the two. Thanks. Until next time.....
  12. Hesitation during acceleration

    Mine doesnt have those components. I adjusted the TVS (just with mounting screws), didnt take the cover off to manipulate the contacts, all fine now. Whats interesting, is that the TVS is no where near the original position before I even touched it a couple weeks ago. So hopefully this chapter has come to a conclusion. A bad distributor, which was in itself an argues side story being that it came with a bad module, but at least it didnt take long to troubleshoot. I really appreciate all you guys help, I really needed it, and I know more now than I ever thought about how a 280ZX operates, which honestly was just as valuable as fixing the car.
  13. Hesitation during acceleration

    I took it off.
  14. Hesitation during acceleration

    No, I will need a bunch of Bourbon if I start going on the other side of the car and pulling fuel lines off. Not opposed to it, but not tonight.
  15. Hesitation during acceleration

    Put the old module on the new distributor, fixed the hesitation problem (the original problem) damn! So now a new problem, which I hope is the TVS valve since I have adjusted it without mercy . During low speed driving and you let off the gas, it seems the fuel just cuts off, same accelerating at low speed, then it will drive normal. High end it accelerates nice and smooth. So the distributor with the OLD module fixed the issue. Which honestly I have issue with, unless there is an unseen issue (mechanically) with the old distributor. The car has 119,000 miles on it. Any thoughts?