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  1. saturday night music thread

    Had to fix that link!
  2. saturday night music thread

    Man seems like forever since I heard this one:
  3. saturday night music thread

    Had throw Tracy Chapman in.
  4. saturday night music thread

    I still remember my dad paid 1000's of dollars in the 70s for all the high FI, quadrofonics or someonething like that by Marantz. Real to real and all that.
  5. saturday night music thread

    Now you got me searching for songs my dad played when I was a kid.
  6. saturday night music thread

    Haven't heard this in years!
  7. saturday night music thread

    I was an 80's teen. Really enjoyed, U2, Metallica, nine inch nails, Janes addiction, Pink Floyd, led zeplin, Van Halen, rush, AC/DC, gunsnroses and many more. I really like Pinks new music currently.
  8. fast food

    Hey that guy looks like you!!
  9. LMAO

    Oh my I got a few guys at work to hit!
  10. Crank position sensor

    I just pulled one myself recently. Take a sharpie, mark the top of enoder wheel and take apart there. It was way cheaper then buying the whole distributor.