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  1. My buddy had a 4 door corolla in the same vintage. He couldn't kill it. He didn't change the oil, just added when needed. It was a long running joke that got him through 4 years of college.
  2. Perfect, I'll take the fairlady then! we can make a road trip out of it! Dan, just out of curiosity, what is a serious offer to you? As I'm a cheap skate, I have a tendency to be insulting. I'd rather you simply tell me what you looking for.
  3. Selling a 1972 RHD 240z from Japan

  4. Clean convertible 240Z

    The one I had loads of reinforcement and a small roll gage with lots of gussets. I had a VeloRosa. What i did like about it, is they didn't try and pass it off as a fake Ferrari, but more of a Kit car. It was one of things I had to buy. I still can't believe I only paid $3600 for it. Sold it and bought a very nice 4x4 with the profits.
  5. For Sale 1983 280ZX (Project)

    No implication YOU are trying to hide anything, but the fact is, the PICTURES hide everything because it's covered. That is my only point. Good luck with your sale. I'm sure someone will be very happy.
  6. Thank you. I had a feeling it was backwards. It came that way and I assumed it was installed properly.
  7. I can only open my hatch 24". This seems to short to me. Is this arm on the correct direction?
  8. 1974 Datsun 260z won't start

    Hmmmm..... maybe now I'll leave her!! We've done the coke and aquarium. Atlanta has very nice zoo that I wouldn't mind seeing again and great zip lining. I better go to Stone Mountain too before that is gone. Sorry to thread jack. I'll stop.
  9. For Sale 1983 280ZX (Project)

    Our questions will help other potential buyers. Like how bad is the hail damage? The way you have the cover makes it seem like there is a lot.
  10. Ok don't know how I missed this before, but on the drivers side rear, the wire loom that feeds the power antenna and side marker light has a yellow wire and yellow black wire sitting there stripped. Were these for the OEM speakers. Was there really only one speaker for the entire car? The wiring diagram I looked at didn't show the wiring diagram for the radio. Is there such a diagram somewhere? Checked this but I don't see the speaker itself on the diagram or the wires.
  11. Starting problem

    Let it run for a bit. 😀 Now if you could rig somehow to go for a drive. I wouldn't suggest it. 😀
  12. Starting problem

    Yes on the gas jug. Ideally Dave is right but if you have a good amount of fuel in it should be ok like you do. Stuff a rag lightly around the neck of jug. BEFORE YOU START MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER HANDY! Just in case. I'd even go as far as have a fan pointing Towards the can to ensure any raw fumes escaping are blown out the garage. Looks like you have it in there.
  13. central oregon

    Yep exactly. I have set just as described. Never used them but just in case I found the odd wheel with a weird offset.
  14. For Sale 1983 280ZX (Project)

    Dang I wish you were closer. How many dents from the hail? Any rust with sitting outside now?
  15. 1974 Datsun 260z won't start

    As many hours I waste looking at the schematics that you could probably explain to me in less than 30 minutes worth it. 😀 Maybe I'll bring the wife and make a weekend out of it.