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  1. Wow those are pretty nice. You running those?
  2. Extinguisher location?

    I like that. Good idea.
  3. no worries. People will always go did you see the Z for sale on Facebook? I can never seem to find it.
  4. Yeah I didn't know either of these thanks. So the tagging thing does send them a notification? I'm usually good with forums, but I can't figure out twitter or Facebook. I'm even an IT guy! Honestly, I just don't care for Facebook and real name stuff. I simply don't use it. I have a fictitious name so I can see things when I need to.
  5. Hmmm. I'm guessing since I've commented in this thread I get notifications already. It must give others who haven't posted in the thread notice?
  6. Ignorant question but what does the @JSM do?
  7. Extinguisher location?

    Maybe measure the distance for the mounting bracket and see if you can mount on the rail of the deck that has screws already. You'd likely be able to drill a hold in the extinguisher bracket.
  8. Extinguisher location?

    My thought was behind the passenger seat mounted to the deck wall. Where people like to drill holes for speakers in the tool box. Don't know the technical name for the space. Thats kind of big though no? I forget which one I had but it was about half that size.
  9. https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1972-nissan-240z/6348622493.html
  10. I dont know the year of my 240z

    Looks like it is a 73, could be a 72: http://zhome.com/History/240ZProduction/240ZProduction.htm
  11. I dont know the year of my 240z

    Did you open the door and look on the door plate? It's right by the seat and the door striker.
  12. You and me booth! I'll take a dime size dent, try all the proper techniques, I think, prime and go what the heck! I think it's like art, some people got it and some don't. I don't!
  13. It's weird what they cleaned up and didn't. Seems towards the end of the restore it was hurry up and finish. Did the later 71 come with 72 style fuse cover and an am/fm radio?
  14. Nice. It looks like you have an ansa exhaust already. Are those Enkei wheels.
  15. Remove and weld. I'm kinda surprised you didn't weld the whole thing in.