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  1. I called and it appears available. He said there has been a lot of out of state callers, particularly from California. He said they currently have a cash offer of $15k.
  2. Start with the plugs. Are they new, if not, condition? Does it smell like it's getting too much gas? Could be a multitude of things. Also gremlins in wiring are not common in the ZX. The one I had would run horrid all of a sudden and the fix was I took my foot and pressed on the ECU connectors. The kick panel for the ECU is drivers side right by your left foot.
  3. LOL, sounds like a guy I work with. He has always had high dollar cars, Porsche, Ferrari, now has a Lambo. I said you can't make much more than 150K year. With 3 kids, wife, nice house etc., how the heck do you afford these cars? He said, you have a 401k right? I said sure, he goes I don't.
  4. Purrty!
  5. Wow, that was a pretty clean car. Shocked it went as cheap as it did.
  6. Maybe I missed but what is the price? Is this an auction?
  7. Totally understand. My dad passed 3 years ago at 72 and Miss him dearly. Be sure to ask him any questions now before you forget. You never know when we'll be called home.
  8. Flash back for me. I spent my life with my dad doing this! He was a mechanical Engineer and always thought he could make things better. Sometimes yes sometimes no. I think I was 14 or so and my dad decided to re-work my RC car transmission. A main, final race in third and only a few corners to catch the leader and my car just stopped. I was not happy. That race cost me the State Championship in 84!
  9. Very nice. Yeah white is a bear to keep nice. That is original paint or respray? Might be cheaper to go look at this and see how the interior is compared to yours. Sell the rest and keep the best for yourself. https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/ctd/6088203449.html
  10. Yep. If I was in CA and close it would have been gone.
  11. Wow that is very cool of you. I think Cali has those laws where you have to pay back registrations. It may be a lot if it's been awhile. (2009) If it does end up going ask him if you can steal parts from it before it goes and grab: head, Ecu,turbo, turbo exhaust manifold, injectors, engine harness, afm, turbo emblems, crank sensor and harmonic balancer, wheel center caps sell it all on eBay or local Craigslist. Put money in mustangs!! Might want to post this over at hybridz.org too. You have to be a paying member to sell in for sale section but since your doing this for someone else you may just want to post in the general section.
  12. Sounds like my son. I spent a good amount of time getting his 77 going nothing as nice as this and he didn't like it. He wanted a nice 4x4 truck which he now has. 3 years later he admits to missing it and wish he still had it. If you have the means, keep it, tell him you sold it, and put it in storage somewhere. Get classic car insurance on it and drive it to work once a week or once a month to keep things fresh and moving. Then in a few years when it comes up again you can have a nice lunch together at an outside eating establishment and park it right where he can see it. Only tell him it's yours when you get up to leave! If not then sell it. It should only go up in value.
  13. Sugar Loaf hill, LOL! I need to get insurance one of these days.
  14. Welcome to the fun! Where in FL are you?
  15. What is triggering the 6AL? I used the e12-80 to trigger it.