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    Had a 71 when I was a lad, sold it and regretted for many years.
    1977 280z: Bought it Nov 06 from 1st owner in North Hills, California, 5 spd mod,
    Urathane bushings, new console, wheel bearings, shocks/springs, Re furbished carpets, front diff mount, K& N air filter, period appliance wheels. Sold
    1973 Purchased from Cold Srings, Nevada. Lots of work to do - Got a fresh rebuilt 280n zx engine to go in soon.
    1990 300zx purchased locally - car came from Florida - Some trouble with intake and sensors but coming around. Painted new interior going in - $$

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  1. I guess my timing was good. Received mine a week ago. Looks perfect
  2. Not a complaint against the product or the retailer. I was refering to the exchange rate. I think 1 cdn is approx .73 usd today. Im pretty happy to find the replacement. Wish i was south of the boarder when it comes to all things automotive.
  3. Too late for me now. Hes got my money. Holy f—k what a beating on the dollar conversion. Cdn to usd
  4. Im just about to send cash to vintage dashes for new dashpad. Any comments?
  5. No doubt that is an issue for me... having parts on hand. Along the way theres always an item or two that gets ya thinkin “yep better deal with this now while its all apart” then im up against shipping cost/time to eastern canada.. i have one more order on the way, after that shes going together ready or not. Keep posting pics
  6. Glad to hear its running. Gives me hope. ? engine looks great!
  7. Flywheel prepped/installed. Had to lay the header on.... i think something moved.
  8. Yeah, you're quoting my conscience.
  9. I have the rails but i am using the base pan off the old engine. They looked kind of ratty. Im guessing i dont need them. replacement bolts are all the same length.
  10. I have Westar EM-2401. Anyone know the correct bolt size? The threaded receiver is full of paint dont want to strip the thread and bore.
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