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  1. My passenger side half shaft is very stiff. I pulled it apart cleaned it thoroughly and reassembled. It is still a little stiff but I do not get the travel I do with the drive side unit. I may have put too much grease into it. Are the half shafts usually stiff to slide or do they usually slide easily. Going to take it apart again now.
  2. Philip I'm struggling with servicing my halfshafts for the 260z. My passengers side halfshaft seemed like it was seized. I pulled it apart and things didn't look too bad inside. My factory service manual shows 3 balls and 3 spacers on each shaft. I have an r180 diff though. After reassembling the unit it is still a little stiff but it doesn't seem to have much travel. I'm wondering If I should take out one spacer for each track. I measured the balls and I thought I got 11mm. I'll measure them again tomorrow.
  3. I have the opportunity to buy an engine/5speed tranny combo with complete triple SK Racing carbs on it. Guy wants $750 for everything. Tranny is a 5speed. I think the carbs alone are worth the asking price. Anyone have an SK service manual?
  4. Hello Jeffrey

    Just wondering what color your 260 is. I am looking for something very close, in a solid color. Larry

  5. I think you are caught up in the idea of a 240z. A lot of people want an early 240z and it would be cool to own car number 7 but there isn't much diff in the cars. The 260z has a nicer interior maybe? The larger bumpers on the later 260z do not give it any styling points though. I'd leave it if I were you and let someone else fall in love with their first Z.
  6. My rubbing is on the rear fender lips under hard cornering or hitting road dips at speed and in the front when reversing and turning sharply my front tires rub on the front valance corners.
  7. Thinking of buying several timing kits that are made in Japan. The kits are labeled for a 260z. Am I correct in thinking that the only difference in the 70-78 kits is that the Slack side chain guide is different? Anyone know what makes the guide different? Can a pre 75 slack side guide be used on an L28? I'm thinking the newer guides must be an improved design?
  8. You can upload it to youtube and then post a link to save server space and bandwidth if it's an issue...
  9. I love my Rota RB's. They 16 inch 4mm offset. Current tires are 225-50-16 but I'm gonna get new 205-55-16 this spring. Should take car of the slight rubbing I'm getting.
  10. I've used mine several times with mixed results. They will not expand an exhaust pipe so that it could fit over another pipe but it will like Bart said remove the creases or dentations produced from pipe clamps. I tried to expand a 2" pipe to fit over another 2" pipe and I had to use me air impact gun and greased the heck out of the expander and pipe.
  11. Are there new links to these sites?
  12. I'm not sure about the bug as this picture was taken before I bought the car but the tail lights do look 60's ish.
  13. The car is a bluish green. The front fender is a lighter color as I had to put on a new nissan fender once I got the car into Canada. We sort of had an incident with the towbar coming loose and the car fender lightly touched me truck bumper. I was going to fix it but it was only $200 and change for a new one. When I got the color match done they said the color came up as Mitsubishi Krazar blue. I've searched the net but can't find that color anywhere. I'm trying for a repaint this summer. Wheels are Rota RB 16x7's with a 4mm offset. Tires are 225/50/16's
  14. I was wondering how they choose the pictures as well.
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