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  1. Try the Eastwood company for paints. I have used several of their products and am very pleased. Good luck!
  2. 72 240z 55 MG TF1500 #9546 71 John Deere 112 lawn mower 2002 VW beetle (wifes) 2005 Dodge 3500 dually (parts car hauler)
  3. Great Vid and great choice of music...
  4. Thank you for the replies. I have read many posts about it and was going to gamble it would not break my cross member. This car is not a daily driver. I pulled the diff out and will look for solid mounts for the mustache bar. The new springs and struts have been sitting in a box since xmas. Might as well change them too. One day the Z will be done Thanks Rob
  5. HI, I just got my solid diff mount. I was wondering if I can install it by just pulling down the front diff cross member. I did not want to pull it down and not be able to reinstall it cause the springs forced the lower A arms down. I do have it on jack stands. I figured this would be the easiest way to install it with out wrestling the whole diff out. Thanks Rob
  6. I had the same problem with the dash lights. Mine turned out to be just the fuse connection. When I had no dash lights there was no tail lights either. I troubleshot it going down the road and turned the fuse. As soon as I turned the fuse I had both tail and dash lights. A bit of emery cloth and a new fuse totally fixed the problem. Go to autozone's web site there is a good wiring schematic there you can download. Good luck, Rob
  7. I have the system. I love it! The only draw back is that I can't fit my valve cover in the oven!!! I have powder coated several of the brackets and also did my intake. They look good. I have only put around 700 miles on the engine since the powder coating. I am looking for a larger oven to cook my parts in the garage. The girlfriend was not happy with the fumes in the house last time
  8. Hey, I have been stripping my 82 ZXT to get all the goodies to install in my 72 240Z. I pulled the oil cooler out and just wanted to know where other turbo swappers are putting theirs? Or is it a benifit to even install it? Thank you in advance Rob
  9. Hey, I have the 14" konig rewinds. I am using 245/60/14 tires. The only rubbing I have is on the rear fender lips. I am also lowered 1 1/2". I didn't know that the caps did not fit. I will have to check on mine.
  10. Hey, I just found one of these on Craigslist in LA. I picked it up for a great price and some other parts cheap. I just wanted to know why the huge price on these at motorsport. These are pretty flimsy. Are people looking for these?
  11. Nurse, I just purchased an 82 zxt. You can have the tank out of it if you need a spare. I am going to have the car hauled off after I get the turbo out. I am in Clearwater. Rob
  12. Almost put back together