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  1. I have the Skillard grill in my 260z. The original grill had corroded, some of the louvers were missing so I took it off and ended up using wire mesh for years Last year I found the Skillard website, saw their grill and ordered it. Very well made product , and fits perfectly. The bars (from memory, no longer have original) are slightly larger but that gives it more strength and rigidity Owner was easy to deal with, communicated well and promptly cheers
  2. Hey mototman7, when you say 'the seat rails attach nicely to the Z sheet metal' have you bolted the rails directly to the floor? (ie. removed the existing incar seat mounting points) I have the same seats but @ 6' my head is just below the roof. Would like to lower them as much as possible cheers ps. good looking car
  3. Nope! The seal just tore, leaving the bulk of the seal behind.........
  4. ....its stuck! Ive torn the original seal trying to remove it & no amount of prying, pulling or cussin' works! :tapemouth The Haynes manual suggests removing the entire rear transmission housing but before I go down that path, does anyone have any suggestions or past experience to go by?
  5. I've been following a thread over on HybridZ on replacement door panels http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=105320&page=7 (scroll down to the bottom for pics) The big problem is that UPS want $235 (USD) to ship to OZ, but if we can get a few people interested and share the shipping costs it makes it a whole lot cheaper! Anyone interested?
  6. David, Im in awe!! Perfect solution to an otherwise expensive option of buying new door panels (AUS$300ea.!!). To form the compound curves you laid the pvc sheet over the door, heated and applied pressure to form the curves? Great Job!!
  7. Very clean under your car! Have you checked that the noise isnt that the dust shield is bent and making contact with the rotor when hub nut is tightened? Happened to me....
  8. So what grade is everyone here using for engine oil? Our oil suppliers here(shell, mobile, caltex, castrol etc) are all recommending 20w-50 for a '75 260z If Im in Sydney, average temp range 7*C (44F) - 40*C (104F) 5,000 Kms on a recently rebuilt stock engine (weekend street + a few 1000+Km trips now and then) could I go lighter or should I stay with the 20w-50? I notice a lot of our overseas collegues use a lighter oil 10w-30 (for example), though their temperatures are probably cooler than ours
  9. Good question Widgett, Im in the market for a set of tyres to go with my new Konig Rewings (15 x 7) and was leaning towards the 225/50s. My local Jax (tyres) dealer was horrified that I was thinking of putting 225s on. His opion was that I would have tracking problems with the car, where the steering would tend to follow the surface of the road (pretty rough around here) and recommended the 205/60s. My other concern with the 225s would be low speed turning, Im running 195/65hr14s currently and parking takes some effort, another 30mm on the width cant help. Anyone had issues with the 225s? Purely street, no track
  10. Hi Guys, hoping someone could tell me the difference between a 'long' and a 'short' engine. thanks
  11. FFP cant give you a definite answer on that...seem to remember reading on a previous post that there is a height difference between 240z and 74.5 + 260z rear struts (from perch to top of strut) but then the later 260z had a taller strut top insulator , so if you used the 240z type would the height be the same???? Cant give you a definite answer You're in Oz, so give Warren at All Z Parts a call (02)9476-0966, if he cant answer that, no one can Cheers
  12. Mid '75 and later 260z had 55mm dia. struts. I could be wrong, but I think all 240z had the 51mm strut.
  13. Hmmmm the silence was deafening! Has any other 260z owners, replaced the original rear strut top with the slimmer front type and did that cause any suspension/ride height problems for you? Thanks
  14. Strut top insulators for the rear of a 75 260z? These are 20mm (3/4 inch) taller than the front insulators. Thought I had found them via courtesy nissan, they quoted me $43 for the front and $68 for the rears (each), confirmed that, yes the rears are taller than the front...... So I order 2 front + 2 rears and end up with 4 front insulators! (54320-E4100). Call c/nissan back and am told, that sorry, thats all nissan makes now?....So why the different price??? Still waiting to hear back on that one. Has anyone sourced the rears? Do you have the part #? Thanks
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