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  1. too bad you dont mean WA state, i thought this was a washington croud
  2. bartman, have you painted your z body yet? i want to see what that world rally blue pearl looks like on the body... mark-
  3. well shoot, at this point i like mike's option of just removing accessories form engine bay and pulling back wires, but not actually pulling the engine. i know its no the best, but its better than nothing. if by chance i can get ahold of a crane to lift the engine, i would consider it, but i dont want to pay for it to get pulled... dogman, regarging you question... my z right now is a ugly, ugly brown. i can not stand it! there is no way im going to paint it its original color...but thanks anywho.
  4. also, sean240z, could you find out what color that car of bill's is? that is a beautiful dark blue. thanks! mark-
  5. beandip, i guess i should have mentioned that i have a friend who owns a body shop. he is going to paint it no cost, other that the cost of the paint as long as i do all the prep.pretty nice! i love dark blue, i will be sure to check that color out. uggg, beandip! you make me feel bad about leaving the engine bay alone, and make me want to do it...what would it take to get it painted? i would have to drop the trans and engine, take out all the wires, and prep the surface right? give me an idea of how much harder it will be to paint the engine bay... thanks mark-
  6. beandip, i agree it will look cheasy... but honestly, the value in no way is going to decrease from the $700 i paid for it because of a new paint job - engine bay:). the paint on it was pretty bad. i dont want a complete restoration, just a z that will look good. it runs great and was a daily driver before a friend sold it to me because of fuel prices. anywho, i would like to paint the engine bay as well, but it is just too much effort for what i want, you know? i think im preaching to the wrong audience because you guys seem like complete restoration pros!:)also, im not sure what color i like best for the z, hence the thread on the best color:)i know i want to head in the direction of silver or blue, for what its worth. seerex, that aston martin gray is pretty nice. my old man has a 1997 db7 in his garage with a similar dark gray. cant remember the name of it right now, but its a dark, dark gray. he also has an 1998 XK8 with a light silver which i love the look of. but i also love the look of blue on the Z. i fell in love with the color blue on cars with my first car, a 1966 cadillac coupe de'ville. still have her too!
  7. yes, i agree with you, the bumpers are part of what makes a 280z a 280z. honestly, i dont want the 280z bumpers because they make the Z look like a sedan, not a sports car. i want a sports car, and i dont like the look of the fiberglass bumpers and airdams, therefore i wont be disapointed. if i had the choice, i would buy a 240Z, but i am crunched for the cash.
  8. curtis, you have got the color that was in my mind when i said blue! that is hot! what color blue is that??? i also like bartmans color, it captures my eyes. shees, now im gonna have even more trouble deciding. franks silver is also really nice !!! the more i look at that world rally blue pearl, the more i like it! i have to say, i think im going to go blue. and as of now, i think its a race between curtis' blue and the world rally blue pearl. anymore color pics?
  9. evrything but the engine bay is going to painted. i am stripping it down to the metal, but i dont want to pull the engine to paint in there. i have no capability to do it and it seems like much more work than im willing to do. sorry guitar, i am not a fan of gold on cars. it doesnt fit in my mind. hmmm...solid blue would look pretty nice, but i still love silver...any examples? mark-
  10. hello all, i have to start thinking about what color i am going to paint my car, and i wanted all of your opinion/pictures. i wanted to paint a blue metalic or silver. what is the best color in your opinion for the z? (i am looking for a paticular paint color) thanks mark-
  11. you guys are all pros here, what can i do to my 280 to reduce the weight? what doesnt it need? i am taking off the 40 lb bumpers and putting 240z's on, but what else? thanks! mark-
  12. i pm'ed this message to you hls30, as well... that would be great! seaing as i cant find parts anywhere else, i wont mind a little wait. i really only need the driver door shell, but i would take both side if the price is good. i might need some other parts as well, but i cant think of any at the moment. are the doors in good shape? and what price would you want for them? let me know! thanks again! mark-
  13. thanks for the help, i know this site is going to come in handy for my restoration. enrique, you convinced me to take the tar off, im gonna do it this weekend. hopefully it wont be too bad. as for racing, i agree with you, i dont wanna get my 'sun all shiney and beautiful and then get a scratch or dent. i built a wooden kayak a couple of years ago and barely use it because it is too beautiful, just hang it on my wall. i also dont wanna put the $$$ into racing. i was hoping there was a vintage race group in the NW that didnt require scca regulations like a 4 pt harness and a roll bar, or a competitive license. i just wanna go on a open raceway and try drifting, or something, just relaxed. the less likely to damage the better. i just dont want to do it on the road and endanger my life and others. basically, i want to go to the raceway to get my fix fr speed so i wont tend to on the road mark-
  14. bubbleguinea, your car is pretty nice. i like the look of the 2+2 for some reason, more than the regular. paint is nice too. i havent decided what color to go with yet. i am thinking a light silver metallic... thanks, mark-
  15. im not sure if EVERYTHING is different :squareeye, i believe its only the cabin that is stretched, not the nose or hatch. i am unfamiliar with this car so i could be wrong. hmmm, this makes it difficult for me to find a good door... i have the one that came on the car, but it is rusted to s**t, the whole bottom of the door is rusted out. i have a welder, but cant reprocate the whole lower protion of the door, im not that good. uggh, any suggestions on where to find a 2+2 door, a good Z slavage yard or something? thanks again! mark-
  16. sheesh, you guys really like to bring it down on the noobee! i should have clearified, i am not saying my z doesnt have rust, it has plenty of it, just like any other. it just happens to have been kept in a garage for 10 years and has minimul rust on the interior. i had heard the problems that z have with rust before i bought my z for $500. i did a thorogh check around on the frame and looked okay, not good, but ok. i understand that they were made without very much consideration for rust prevention, but under my tar is fine. i have taken chunks out in random places on the tar and found no trace of rust. here it is, i was looking for a reason to save some effort and leave them in. Shevets answered my question the best, and i will probably be puting new sound deadening insulation in. EScanlon, here is an answer to your cancer question... NO, offcourse. i see your from washington!!! do you race your z? i was thinking about racing, but i dont know any tracks besides bremerton raceway, and i dont know how to get started. i dont wanna join the scca, just rather to a relaxed thing. gimme tips! thanks again, sorry, but i am new to this car. it is my first restoration, and i wanted some reason for your rhyme, before i did it myself. thanks again, mark-
  17. hello all, please inform me. i want to know what the differences are between the 280z and 2+2. where is it stretched to accomidate the two extra seats? i need a driver side door and i cant find any in the 2+2, so will a 280Z door fit or no? if not, where can i find a 280Z 2+2 driver door? thanks! love this site, very helpful. mark-
  18. this is a stupid question i realize, but why remove the tar mat? i am restoring my 280z, and i was going to just leave mine alone since there is no rust. it doesnt look pretty, but it reduces noise compared to no tar mat and it is covered by carpet anywho, so why remove it? is there any reason besides to remove rust? thanks for putting up with my stupidity mark-
  19. ill give it a shot. thanks mark-
  20. hello all, i was curious as to where i could purchase new windshield trim ( the chrome stuff in the gasket). mine is all dented and no longer shiney. any help would be great. thank! mark-
  21. hello all, first off, i wanna say this a great site! i just discovered it! i am in the process of restoring my 75' 280z and i want to convert the front bumper to a 240z bumper. my only problem is i cant find any!!! i was bidding on one on ebay, but lost. it was the only bumper ive seen on there in a while. anywho, someone listed a place you can find them new for 399$? is it possible to give me a link, or a phone#? it would be a great help! also, are there any folks here from WA? i want to race when i am done, and i need help to get set up in the SCCA or whatever local racing is done. thanks!!!
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