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Crown turbo kit variations (pics)

2500lb tuxedo

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I have two Crown turbo kits. I am posting these pics for your enjoyment. Sorry, I do not have any info of how they ran other than "stories" from previous owners. Due to financial limitations I have not been able to maintenance and run these kits myself. I am keeping them for the future when I have money to run them. I am building a period correct modified 260z, except for some of my suspension which is modern.

Crown turbo kit

-Rajay turbo

-SU carb w/ airhorn



Crown turbo kit

-Rotomaster AR/60

-Weber 45 dcoe w/ Crown intake adapter




Rajay "J" pipe vs Rotomaster AR/60 "J" pipe

They are offset differently, you can not use one on the other. If you plan to get one of these Crown turbo kits make sure to get the associated turbo or know what turbo the "J" pipe is for.


Rajay "J" pipe with Rotomaster AR/60 did not line up.


Info, experiences, documents, and pictures requested, however I found some already while searching the archives.

Peace, Darren

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Unfrickin' believable! I didn't know those things were still around. Talk about a rare collectable.........thanks for posting it and don't ever toss it. I raced a 510 on the streets of Atlanta in my 240z back in 1971.........it was fast as Hell! When he stopped to discuss things, the manifold was white glowing hot......I always wonder if that was "Turbo Tom". There is a chapter on the Crown Turbo Kit in the original "How to Modify" book. Take a look.

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I am interested in buying this setup from you as a spare . Iam running a single 2''Jag SU , pics in my gallery .

I was talking to a fellow in Oregon when he had one for sale complete in box for 375 less carb.

That was 6 years ago , and he hemmed and hawed but decided to keep it.

Anyway you can pm me or reply through this thread for more details !

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What cool setups you found. I've seen pictures of the webber setup, but not of the SU setup, and that was over a decade since I seen pictures.

I was wondering what they did to the SU, I would assume the carburetor would need modification to supply the proper fuel for the increased airflow.

I was thinking about your idea of running the system, and how much turbo technology has improved, especially in making things last. Unfortunately the old systems like that burned things out very quickly and ways have come available to reduce that (their is a reason this is very rare). What about using a modern turbo and have a new J pipe made that can hide a waist gate out of site.

It would look original yet allow for some of the equipment to help reduce ware and the new turbo spool better and longer so you would get a larger power-band.

The other thought was to use a water/methle-alcohol or nitro-methane injection before the turbo, this will aid in some performance and cooling of the turbo. It would only take a small plate and the injectors can be on the underside to hide them. The water/methle-alcohol was used in WWII so it is very vintage way to boost power and cool the turbos and would only make to moderately rich when in operation. I do not know how long nitro-methane has been used but the nice thing is it don't need a O2 enriched environment to burn so the air to fuel mixture stays the same on or off, burns clean and the liquid to gas process remove a log of heat, and happen quickly.

Just some ideas please post pictures of it when you get it operating, maybe a video

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