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  1. Kind of funny that I thought about Black Dragon too but had long since thrown away catalogs with the overconfidence of the internet. Trying to get some parts in now to compare. Thanks for the effort y'all!
  2. Yes that does sound a little bad when you read it back like that. The problem is I can't get pictures of it that easily right now. It's at a shop where they keep having to put the wheel back on to clear the lift. I did dig in other old threads and found references to the 240SX on other kits. I just need to get a new one ordered and put them side by side. I was hoping someone could help me narrow it down. Note to self: Not saving paperwork so that wife doesn't know how much you spend can come back to bite you. Thanks guys. I'll get pictures if I can't find a match.
  3. I converted my 1971 240Z to rear disc in about 2006. It was a kit like The Z Store has but I don't remember if it was from there or not. Now I've got a leak on 1 caliper and can't match parts. It list 85-86 Maxima but that doesn't match what I was remembering. It sticks in my mind as a 240SX possibly. Anyone remember what it might have used in that time frame?
  4. Thanks Will, unfortunately, ArizonaZcar has told me it's going to be complicated to impossible because strut tower width changes. I'm still going to try. Also looking at cutting and realigning the pivot points square with the car. Other than my misguided choice of the ZX for suspension, how ya like the car?
  5. I'm converting a 280ZX to a convertible with a new LS1 engine. With to much work already done, I'm now disappionted with choices I'm finding for the suspension and brake upgrades. I also don't like the angled trailing arm rear suspension. Has anyone ever converted to the Z rear suspension to a ZX or any other good ideas?
  6. My car but photo by a friend at ZdayZ 2006 (wide screen format)
  7. My experience is that the CB gives better range ad is mor versitile but it comes down to what your group uses. I use the Cobra 75WXST http://www.cobra.com/index.php?page=shop/flypage&product_id=5&id=1&ps_session=d8f167207bcd6aad811b79bfb95078fe460a5734 You can find them under $100 and the all in one design makes it real handy. No clutter of unit and mic around the dash. I mounted the box under the drivers seat and you can drop the mic under the passenger seat when not in use. The mic has all the controls and has the speaker built in. I have an additional speaker plugged in since I'm a litttle hard of hearing. I also move it between 4 different cars by having other remote boxes. Antennas are another problem. Magnetic exterior antennas will give you good range and be removable but can scratch a good paint job befor you even get it on. I cheated and put in a Miata anttenna instead of the stock Z and then bought a signal slpitter from Jeff Anderson. Unfortunately he will only make them for Miata antennas but for just a few bucks you've got a CB with no exterior evidence.
  8. I've been trying to updated mine and get "You may not upload animated images." What's my problem?
  9. The link didn't show up. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/8-K-FOUR-POST-CAR-LIFT-AUTO-HOIST-LIFTS-HOISTS-TWO-4-2_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43998QQihZ011QQitemZ320058112317QQrdZ1 Found it on Ebay but talked to the people a couple of times on the phone. Been over 2 years but I think it was made in China. I think the same case with others mentioned with different prices for similar models. Several of the companies have economy models. This was what I could afford and it has been fine.
  10. I haven't read through all post but I have been satisfied with the four post I got (cheapest that I could find). I did get the castors and extra jack pan. I had to be able to move it around and couldn't use a 2 post. I use it on almost everything I've got (C3500 truck is too wide) including my Suburban. It is very stable. Other points: 1. Being movable, I even moved it outside and lifted the Suburban to pressurewash the underside. 2. To change tires, brakes, etc..., lift a few feet, put jack stands under car frame, let lift down and then place second set of stands on ramps to car frame and then lift again. I usually work it up one end at the time but wind up all 4 wheels off the ground (and ramps) and the car with axles at eye level. I know it sounds crazy but its easier than fooling with jacks and actually safer (more stable)
  11. Basically, it wasn't convenient for them. They had planed to start bed liners but didn't and moving the prepped car to someone in another town was not going to be easy. Still sick.
  12. From bad experience, I say some sort of undercoating. On my way home from my fisrt real road trip, at some point the front left tire must have thrown a rock up. I stopped for lunch and the paint was chipped from a dent from the underside. I built the car to drive but almost cried in McDonald's parking lot. I had really wanted to use truck bed liner in all the finder wells and underneath but the paint shop talked me out of it.
  13. Let me clarify, since this is such a serious subject:D . I fully agree with Scott that true carbon fiber does not rice make. It's the fake carbon fiber that gets me. To replace a 40 lb. of steel with 10 lb. of CF is differnt than covering 40 lb of steel with 10 lb of "carbon fiber" stickers.
  14. Yes, I forgot carbon fiber. Head lights, tail lights and all kinds of plastic parts inside and out with carbon fiber stickers.
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