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Strange Grinding/clanking noise under passenger side


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hey, ive been told this MIGHT be the transmission mount bar or somehting loose in that area. this noise goes away when i step on the clutch, so its not the wheels or CV Boots. gotta be tranny related right? is this imprtant? or just another noise to fix

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So let's clarify -

You hear it with the engine running in neutral, with the clutch pedal out (released). When you depress the clutch pedal, the noise goes away. If I have this right, I suspect either the input shaft bearing, or the needle bearings between the input shaft and the mainshaft.

Can you hear the noise while driving? If so, it's characteristics under certain conditions can help us determine which bearings are bad. But either one means a transmission removal and teardown.

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no..i ONLY hear it while driving.

it doesnt happen all the time. and seems to go away at high revs.

but it happend in 5th gear the other day, so im confused.

i have no isses shifting what so ever. the sound goes away when i use the clutch. sometimes it wont happen for a long time (a day or so)

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