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  1. whats up with the front spoiler it looks like a mirror
  2. i love it. Did you do it yourself?
  3. I just finished putting my door seals on and the door only partially closes. I've read that people have had the same problem but couldnt find how to fix it. Some said to use baby oil but i dont know... If any one has over came this problem i would greatful for your advice on how to solve it. Thanks, Hunter
  4. Hunter21

    Stock 240Z class

    is that paintjob a fade? or is it just the flash from the camera?
  5. Hunter21

    Zfest 2005

    do you know if those bumpers were painted (over the chrome) or if they were fiberglass?
  6. I built my own 12" sub/ 6x9" speaker box, and powered it with a 1600 watt amp
  7. Hunter21


    love the color wheels and air dam
  8. Hunter21

    Brake Lights

    I am having troubles with my left rear brake light. I just replaced the stop light switch, but that only fixed the right brake light. All my blinkers, hazard, tail, and head lights are working. I think its the hazard relay switch but am uncertain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hunter
  9. Hunter21

    Most recent photo

    what do u plan on doing for the grill? looks great so far
  10. this is your roadster z?
  11. Hunter21

    hood 2

    That paint is BEAUTIFUL! Whats the name and code?
  12. I've been searching for wheels that will fit a 73 240z and havn't found much of a selection. If anyone knows of some sites besides MSA i would greatly apreciate them. Thanks, Hunter
  13. Hunter21

    1973 Z

    I love your Wheels! They go great with that color? What are they?
  14. Hunter21

    new rims

    I love the way those rims look! What are they?
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