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  1. Make sure you have the plug wires installed on the Dizzy AND plugs correct, then use a Timing Light and verify timing is correct.
  2. I know, I just like twisting the shiv,
  3. Yeah, they can do that. I wish they could stop even that. IMO that isn't fair to the bidders, it ought to cost the seller a few bucks to wimp out on selling. If the auction is specified as no reserve don't consign your car unless you have the cojones to follow through. If I was attending with the intent to buy a specific car and the seller wimped out I'd be more than a bit pissed.
  4. you can "attach" the picture to this thread directly, instead of putting it in your gallery.
  5. OK. My 240 has 2 bolts, and the stud that you mention. (I forgot about it)
  6. It should not leak at all. I wouldn't use teflon tape in any place in the oil system of my car. The tape may be compatible with oil, but it only takes a small bit of tape (getting cut/torn loose by the threads as the sender is threaded in) to compromise one of the oil galleys of the block.
  7. So take the bracket off. It's attached to the engine block with 2 bolts.
  8. I think Mike changed it to help noobs use the site better and post in the correct forums. Personally, I like it the way he changed it. There are hot links from the Club Home page to show posts in the last 24, 48, 96, and 168 hours. Even with a Dial-up it doesn't take too long for a few extra page loads, IMO
  9. I think they were made of parts that were plated, then the completed hinges were painted at some point before the car left the "F-WORD"
  10. I love watching the Scottsdale B-J event in Jan, but somehow the one in FL doesn't interest me as much. The last 2 B-J's (2005 and 2006) at Scottsdale were definitely all "no reserve", and though I didn't watch the Palm Beach auction this year, I could have sworn that it was also to be a no reserve event. With so many people interested in selling through them, B-J has become quite picky about which cars they accept, and were insisting on no reserve status. I'll see if I can find out for sure if the current auction falls into this catagory. Here ya go: "PALM BEACH, Fla., January 17, 2006 – Sp
  11. had a similar noise issue, turned out to be bad tie-rod end, but i'd check it all out as described by 240zx. you don't want that "pop" to turn into a "snap".
  12. K&N filters do need to be cleaned and re-oiled. They sell a kit of supplies to do this. Maybe it's only paper filters that you need to worry about getting wet? FWIW, I don't worry about my K&N filter getting wet, but then again its inside the stock housing.
  13. Living in CA, I wouldn't have paid $8K for that car (judging from the pics) and probably wouldn't even go that high. Lots of cars at least as nice to be had here for $8K or less. The point I was trying to make (as my opinion) was that (a) B-J won't (hasn't) accepted many Z's into their auctions over the years, ( the buyers (in general, but with a few exceptions) are more interested in Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and High End Classics., © B-J decides the auction presentation order and a Z probably won't get a "prime" place, so it may be on the block at a time when the rich boys are still at their
  14. First you'll have to ask B-J if they will allow your car in their auction. They don't accept just any car, and IF accepted, you'll have to agree to a NO RESERVE auction, pay them $500 and 8% of the final sales price. As the seller of the Z sold today found out, there is no guarantee of making a profit. B-J is probably not the best place to try to sell a Japanese Sports GT.
  15. SPEED broadcasts LIVE from the auctions. Today it's from 8PM Est. If it's already sold, it won't be on the broadcast for tonight, unless they somehow feel it was an extremely noteworthy sale. Not much chance of that imo.
  16. from the auction listing: ............."rare factory A/C car" Oh brother!
  17. I'm up for a set of them also. Let me know, I can send a Money Order when/if they are available.
  18. Interesting subject to be posted in the 240K, Electrical forum!!!!!
  19. I had a throw-out bearing start screeching (constantly) that drew the kind of attention you describe. Thank GAWD it wasn't in my Z or any other nice car. That would have been even more embarassing. It was my own fault, I'd had a premature pressure plate failure and thought I could get away with only replacing the p/p. I learned my lesson and now replace EVERYTHING when doing any clutch work.
  20. also depends on where you are located. I know people who lived in the San Francisco Bay area that paid $8K for a complete 1st class paint job on a rolling 240Z shell a couple of years ago. I also know people who have recently paid $299 for a "tape & spray" job on a rust bucket daily driver Z. you get what you pay for (if you are lucky).
  21. Isn't that trailer seriously overloaded? Be careful for gosh sakes!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I knew it, you're Bill Ramsey's Engrish teecher (or perhaps his father?).
  23. You're my hero, surprised anyone noticed. signed, Satan's Step Child
  24. There you go thinking again. Perhaps you should stick to something you do well. :eek:
  25. if part of it is pitched the wrong way, wouldn't that make the path of least resistance "the wrong way"? Never heard of water flowing uphill, no matter where the sump is located.
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