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  2. Hello everyone. I moved out here to San Diego, California a year ago. I am enjoying the weather. I haven't been on the site a little over a year now. I am really sorry. I miss chatting with you guys to. I got a new computer since then. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I moved to El Cajon and was wondering if there are people and meetups in the area? DeeDee
  3. Guys, does anyone know anything about shows and social gathering for the San Diego area? I am knew to the area from Minesota. I would love to go to shows and events to meet people to the love the cars as much as me. DeeDee
  4. I parted out my 83 280zx and I kept the tank for anyone who needs one.
  5. Hey there I have a 74 260z and it sat for 15 yrs. I made sure that the talk was ok and sprayed carb cleaner in the carbs and let them sit and checked the pistins in them to see if they were a little stuck and sprayed more carb cleaner if needed. I am planning on doing the Holley 4bbl in the car if I keep it I want a 2+2 if I can find one. You can get a really good designed intake manifold for the conversion and all the info on how to do it at arizonazcar.com check it out. DeeDee
  6. I have a turbo and a non turbo for your car that I can sell.
  7. I am 33. I will be living in San Diego, California by May 1st this year. Just in time for 12th annual Z Car Weast Coast Nationals !!!!!!
  8. I have the exact same problem with my 74 260z. Same carb and everything. weird ha! I decided to change to a Holley 390cfm w/intake and headers instead of dealing with carb rebuilt.
  9. I'm having a lot of problem with dash gauges (all excepy speedo) dome light, my stock fuel pump relay(alternator) and the yellow wire to the alernator and a few other things and I've been tolk that All these problems are stemming from my combo switch (turn/dimmer/horn)side, turn signals.I even have a few melted connectors 1. 9prong @ combo switch 2. hazzard switch 3. flasher unit. I'm being told that all the problems are stemming from the combo switch, does that sound right to you guys? DeeDee
  10. were is the main groung to the chassis located. DeeDee
  11. took out the dash. what a pain glad I did though. I fuond a lot of problems.#1 the flasher unit plug melted, replaced with new connectors and new wire to the juntion box.#2 at the junktion box the green wires w/white to black plug and the brown plug were spiced to go to the ignition switch, I fixed the splice it was open (?) and rusty cut it and put new wire.#3 Main black w/white in black connector was fried and melted the pin in the connector is even black. it goes to ing.sw. and to the fuse box the spot that kept blowing fuses.#4 the combo switch connector is melted on the one side and I'm p
  12. I checked the fusible link, I can't remember but one of the links were getting hot! the wire had 2 hot spots and the connector plastic was melted. this may be the problem. how do I fix it?
  13. It's funny the last 2 to 3 days my tach as been funny. The tach will register for a little while and then bounce around and then yesterday starts doing the same thing. 0 at off and 8-9 when on nothing inbetween. Could it be a loose ground in the dash? DeeDee
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