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  1. I think they grip well, but my only complaint is they don't scream untill they are lost. I would like to find some tires that will give you more warning when they are about to loose grip. these tires make a scrubing sound and its kinda hard to hear even when your window is down. I dunno. are there any other tires that have the same or better grip that give you more warning that is about the same or cheaper price than these? So 240ZX, how well did the a520 handle? I like to push my car to the limit on mountain passes.
  2. Sonic

    MSA twice pipes :)

    It's not designed to do so, it is welded together, but if there is a will there is a way. Well also, if you look under the car, the gas tank is on the passenger side, and there is not enough room. Hmmmm, but you could maybe run it under the tank with a heat shield. Some of the 70's rally zcars had dual exaust, spaced out, side by side. If you want somthing like that, just get a custom job done with 2 small glass packs. I wouldn't buy the 2wice pipes unless you plan on using it the way it was designed for, by the way, it was a pain in the arse for the exaust shop to install it, it had clearance problems, and mine wasn't aluminised. but cool nuntheless..... anywayz
  3. Sonic

    BRE front airdam

    Those are 16x7 panasports w/ polished lip, the tires are 105,55,16 yokohamma AVS ES100
  4. Sonic

    MSA twice pipes :)

    This exaust system was load as hell, and was free flowing. Very good high RPM performance, lost low end torque tho. I miss it so.. But I am regaining some of my lost hearing My new system is 2.25" with a baffled muffler(flowmaster) and it is tuned the direct opposite, lots of low end. BUT, I don't think the higher reving l24 likes it as much.
  5. I miss my twice pipes... so do the cops.
  6. 2.25" with MSA 6to2 jet coated headers. I think I got a bad muffler tho It rattles when I let off the gas at about 3k rpm is that normal?
  7. rear of my car with the flowmaster 40 ,delta flow?,
  8. Sonic

    rear hatch

    you can also see the NISMO rear strut tower brace, sorta'
  9. Sonic

    BRE front airdam

    Much higher quality, stronger, and has more secure mounting. uses stock radiator support holes, and 6 more holes need to be drilled. I got this at classic Datsun Motorsports in Vista, CA www.classicdatsun.com
  10. This spook was made in the original mold that the BRE team used to make theirs.
  11. Hey dude, I haven't done what you are going to do but i do have a 73 240z, and i want to do it soon. But i have taken off the bumper to remove the 2 guards. I noticed that once you remove the bumper you need to take off the rubber spacers between the bumper and the body, under the headlights, and possibly the black metal piece that is on the bumper in front of the grill. Not sure but, you might have to check the clearance of the 2 guards with the hood when you change the mounts. but anyways........ the best way to do it is to check it out yourself. I wouln't think the mounts would cost that much from a bone yard. Does anybody know if you can use any year REAR 240z bumper on a 73?
  12. Has anybody tried it? i just want some feedback before i buy it. i'm planning on installing a radiator in my 73 240z, but it has to use the stock hoses and filler cap. Also, it must bolt on without any modifications. thanx:ermm:
  13. Is your fuel pump ok? check the pressure. also, is your fan clutch working? if all else fails, get an electric fuel pump. that will keep the pressure high so the fuel won't boil in the rail or carb. also try taking off the blower from a 280zx and mount it so it keeps the hot air away from the carbs. just some more suggestions
  14. i wish there were races like that nowadays. i wonder if anybody got that on film?
  15. Thanks for your help guys. i really appreaciate it. i think i'm going to buy a valve spring compresser tool that doesn't require me to remove the cam. i think i'm going to get the valve seals from autozone, unless someone can tell me they suck. and the full head rebuild will have to wait untill i can afford to do a complete engine overhaul. thanks again.
  16. I'm going to replace my valve stem seals on my stock '73 240z. I'm sick of that grey cloud behind my car when coasting down hill. Besides the seals, what else should I get that might get lost or break when replacing them? Also, where should I get the seals? I heard that Autozone sells them, or should i get them from MSA? Thanks
  17. please let me know if you have one. I've been looking for one for a while now. email me at sonic2k@nethere.com thanks
  18. yup. exactly. i guess i need a 260z bar. anyone have a 260z rear anti sway bar? i will buy it!
  19. a picture that shows some detail of the stock swaybar please...any year 280z!
  20. will a 280z sway bar fit in my 73 240z? it has two brackets, on the body, next to the front diff mount and holes in the rear arms. what does the 280z swaybar look like? i would imagine it to have a "bend" in it on the front side so it would clear the diff mount. i bought a rear sway bar the the guy claims to be a 280z bar but it looks like this shape ] and it won't fit! please help. thanks
  21. are you looking for the BRE racing dam and deck spoiler? check out the guy that has the origonal molds for them, not the crappy MSA wantabe version. www.classicdatsun.com i've seen them myself, they look awsome and are the most functional. i just hope you don't live too close to me, cause i'm getting it soon!
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