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rear of my car with 2.25" exsaust

rear of my car with 2.25" exsaust


rear of my car with the flowmaster 40 ,delta flow?,

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2.25" with MSA 6to2 jet coated headers. I think I got a bad muffler tho :(

It rattles when I let off the gas at about 3k rpm

is that normal?

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Forget the exhaust issue for a moment. That sure is a nice, straight Z, at least from that angle. Beautiful

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Sonic, Are those Yokahama ES100 tires? If so, whats your take on them. I have them and think they work well. Had the A520 before. Liked them but are a little harsher than the ES100. By the way....Nice car!!!

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I think they grip well, but my only complaint is they don't scream untill they are lost. I would like to find some tires that will give you more warning when they are about to loose grip. these tires make a scrubing sound and its kinda hard to hear even when your window is down. I dunno. are there any other tires that have the same or better grip that give you more warning that is about the same or cheaper price than these? So 240ZX, how well did the a520 handle? I like to push my car to the limit on mountain passes.

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Sonic, I'm familiar with your area. I used to live in El Cabong when I frequented the back roads on my Ducati. The A520's seemed to have a bit better turn-in but the grip was maybe a little better when warmed up. Put up a post and I'm sure you will get lots of feedback.

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