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More power from late 280ZX engine


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Hi all,

Great site. After some time drooling on Z Car forums I have finally become a "Real" member of this community as I have recently purchased a 240Z. My baby has a late 280ZX with FI. I was wondering on any easy, cheap mods that can be done to increase HP.

Any information will be most grateful as i am still a novice.

Look forward to hearing your ideas and thanks in advance for your time in replying.

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I have never built a stroker 280 engine, but one of my friends has.

In fact I have a post in the for sale section looking for a used Nissan diesel crankshaft. You use the longer stroke diesel crank in a 280 engine to give it more cubic inches and a longer stroke, this gives her quite a few more ponies and torque!

I was hoping someone on here has built one of these and would give us some feedback on it.

I will talk to my buddy some more on this and see how he does it.


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Hi madmike,

Thanks for replying I was begining to feel lonely on this post :D :D

Yeah that diesel crank idea does sound good.

I've also found this website called the Z garage, you may know of it' if not check it out


Let me know when you speak to your buddy, it would be good to know how he did it, problems etc...

By the way where do you get hold of a diesel crank?? What model crank please.

Thanks man.


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