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  1. All ready to Autocross (First time for the Datsun). Notice the family resemblence in the tow vehicle???
  2. Capital DOH! I changed the latch mechanism on my '71 240. I test closed the hood, 1/2 way and the latch seemed fine. I lefty it barely bolted in, so that when latched it centered itself. Then, in an act of pure stupidity, I shut the hood all the way. The latch works great. Too well, in fact! No, I can't open it!!! HELP, how can I get my hood open? The cable just seems to be stuck:( I have pulled on it with all of my might, and it didn't budge... Any idea?
  3. Wow, that is a major project!!! I bet that puppy will scream when you are done!!!
  4. Well, I have a new Z car with very little rust except for the passenger side frame rail. It is a '71 240Z, and is very cool. I am concerned about my repairs to the frame rail, but I plan on testing it completely prior to driving on the street:-)
  5. Help! I got my E-88 head back from the machine shop the other day. Instead of having a nice clean shaven look, I got back a dirty head and a box of parts. The water passage near the #1 cylinder has corroded, and is into the head bolt passage I think. The corrosion has not penetrated to the combustion chamber, but is quite close... About 1/8" or so. FYI, the #1 cylinder was where the L-24 blew it's head gasket. The machinist, who was actually a Honda Acura specialist said that he might could weld it in, and then mill it down, but didn't recommend it. Is this head worth saving? I would
  6. Hi all. I am new to the Z community, as I have just purchased a 1972 240Z that is quite the basket case. It is all original, but has much rust, and a blown head gasket. At least I got a good deal... $300 for the whole thing, and it would still run, and even idle!!! I have the head off now, and am getting it machined smooth. I plan on just getting it running for now, and then tweaking it later. I can't wait to learn how to tune and set the round top SU carbs!!! Here is a question. What type of welder should I get? I would like one that is 110V, if it could handle body welding, and perh
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