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  1. Hi Martin I just picked up my 240 today and done test drive. I think this summer will be best summer since I own this car in 2003.
  2. Hi NWT240zed I live in Vancouver ! I always bring my 240 to TEKAM in Burnaby. They just about finished rebuilding my 240's transmission. The owner of this garage was from Japan he is right generation for this kind of car. If you are looking for large selection of quality used(some new)parts in Canada. http://www.datsunzparts.com/ or in Vancouver http://www.zeddsaver.com/ or don't mind crossing border http://www.zspecialties.com/ If you ask these specialist most of problem will be solved.
  3. Hi Hi I am thinking to replace oilpan gasket. Can I just slide in to under engine and replace gasket ? or do I need to lift up engine little bit ? Thanks
  4. First Gen Z How much total did you pay for collecting stuck bushing ?
  5. Thanks,bigsinz. How is the feeling of driveing, less noise and vibration ?
  6. Hello friendz I am thinking to refresh bushings and wondering that OEM vs urethane which is better ? I mean not only performance but durability and cost etc... My car is stock condition. Dose anyone compare these ? Is all stock bushings are available from Nissan ? Give me some advice. Thanks
  7. Hello Friends I wonder if anyone know OEM was dual or single for my Oct 71 production 72 240Z ? If it single, Is it easy to modify dual to single ? How is the deference of performance between single and dual. sorry it might be poor question some of Z car expert but I am interested in basics of Z car. Thanks
  8. Thank you folks ! I am really appreciate your tips. This is a another pleasure other than driving. I love being owner of Z car. Thanks again. Arigato
  9. Hello I am looking for distributor for my 71 Oct built 72 model(240). When I saw my microfiche CD I couldn't see well the parts number. Does anyone know correct parts number. In general 70~72 model use same distributor but I saw deferent parts number. so what is the deference ? Buy the way is it possible to have new one from NISSAN ?
  10. taikaki

    blue interior

    Clean, Neat ! I love it.
  11. I saw the mat with 240 logo on dealer option catalog for early 240.
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