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  1. Lumens

    Side view mirror location

    Yes. What does this have to do with mirrors? Mark and Patcon you are not helping things.
  2. Lumens

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Mark, see your post #623
  3. Lumens

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    The reported 100 psi across compression test, if correct, would also result in that performance. Just reminding.
  4. Lumens

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I know. We both typed a reply at Exactly the same time. I saw yours after I submitted mine. Bad #4 cylinder plug.. No compression test report on it. All rest of cylinders were reported at 100 psi. Does not compute.
  5. Lumens

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    So you still have a dead cylinder on number 4? You did not mention any changes or repairs to that cylinder.
  6. Wondering. For those of you that have taken a booster apart, how difficult was it to separate the housing? Did you fabricate a tool like shown in the FSM to twist it apart?
  7. It does sit higher. I added all the plastic spacers on the bottom mounting studs. Easier for this these old legs to get in and out.
  8. Installed my Recaro seat I found on Craigslist. Feels and fits great. Put my 240Z sliders on it. Did not come with any.
  9. Don't recall what you guys have but mine is his 260-70F grind. My N42 block with N42 head does not have the compression to run anything more aggressive.
  10. Got my rebuilt N42 head back together. Next is to get it installed on car this week. Schneider regrind cam.
  11. Lumens

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    If this were a street car I would run it as is. Being a race engine I would replace the crank completely if it were mine. I would not risk a expensive damper on that crank. IMO.
  12. You would then use TTT's NRCA's. Specs as follows from their site. These Negative Camber RCA's will provide 2.8 degrees of camber on a car dropped 2". On a car dropped 3" they will provide 3.1 degrees of negative camber (these figures are IN ADDITION to the camber your car already has, so if you already have 1.2 degrees of camber at 2" drop, then you would have 4 degrees overall of negative camber) https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/negative-camber-roll-center-adjusters-240z-260z-and-280z
  13. Got my rebuild head back from machine shop so I am starting to reassemble. Then out to put back on these 6 open holes. Head photo soon.
  14. Never saw Bilstein springs for a Z car before. Didn't know they made them. With that wheel and tire set up it does not look like there is much room left to lower anymore.
  15. Lumens

    Tabco rocker panel gap help

    Your work is looking really good. It will all pay off when finished. I was at a vintage race and there was a restoration shop there. In his tent was a Mustang, a Camero, a Chevelle and a Dodge Charger I think it was, displayed. I asked him how the replacement panels they use are for fitment. He said not very good. They have to cut, weld, etc just to get all the gaps correct. So the Imports are not alone in this issue. Another thing is the car itself. That rocker may just fit fairly good on another 240Z. A good reason restoration shop work is so expensive. Just think what it would cost if you had to pay a shop to do all that you have done so far.

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