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  1. Forgot yours is a 71. That is a problem with late gearbox. May have to modify a shifter. I think many have done it that way.
  2. I use that same 280Z 5 speed for 20 years now. Plenty good. No need for a ZX gearbox at all really.
  3. Lumens

    Custom Interior

    If Singer did a Z car I would consider robbing a bank just to own one. 😀 They are the best 911's I've seen. Light weight too! The 911 aftermarket is fantastic. 240Z values have to get near 911's though for some of that stuff. Local built Singer clone attached. Notice everything drilled out.
  4. That Superchevy page is good reading. I plugged my new L24 proposed.engine build into that S30 Engine Modeller and got a no-go on the squish. I have the over size pistons and the block bored out, but not assembled yet. I will have to put that issue in another thread. Not here
  5. What exactly is "squish" referring to?
  6. Schneider shows 9 different cam grinds for a L6 Z car. What is a stage 3 cam? People throw that term around all the time like it is some magical grind.
  7. Lumens

    240z 1972 Owners Manual

    Ok I will bite and ask a stupid question. What does the owners manual have anything to do with new plates.
  8. All back together yesterday and could not get the timing set where it needs to be. Looks like I did not get the drive gear quite right. I thought it was good at the time. Must have been really tired. Just by the sound of it cranking I could tell timing was way off.
  9. Lumens

    Slalom grind cam

    Wow. Even has a Datsun Comp part number.
  10. 2:50 mark is the GT and Imsa race with Datsuns. Historic F1 was race before this one. A favorite of mine. https://www.motortrendondemand.com/detail/replay-day-1-2018-rolex-monterey-motorsport-reunion-weathertech-raceway-laguna-seca/0_lqko3k4a/
  11. Lumens

    Mecum 2018 Monterey Datsun Results

    I heard it sold for $47500. Poor condition??
  12. This is the orange z in the photo. Best new build I ever saw.
  13. You really should pull the other side too so you can clean up both sides and paint. Rotor backing plates too. You went this far. Why not get things looking good.
  14. Just wondering before buying a strut, have you checked the nut that holds the hub on the spindle is not loose? Unless you have already removed the hub to check bearings.
  15. I have never seen a bent Datsun strut, but there is always a first time. How were you and the previous owner even able to drive it around being like this. I don't get it.

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