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  1. Now these are my kind of Z. https://petrolicious.com/articles/the-last-word-in-datsun-240z-restomods-is-being-written-in-great-britain?fbclid=IwAR2XZBvYCDqEkod0r7iGMGb-DWn6E5x7yK-m6480manLDv8eDkuCkO4e0gc
  2. Lumens


    I got to work on F4 Phantoms during my time in the Air Force. A great experience. I would have done it for free. Well, pay was low so was almost free I guess. 😀
  3. Lumens

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    Yes those do look better than TABCO. I think I would have used those instead of Nissan, had I known about them. The skin was really all that was needed.
  4. Lumens

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    Who made them? Any markings or tags? Factory replacements I used did not look like those.
  5. Lumens

    Very Cool Ignition Upgrade

    I was looking at the photos at the other site you posted on and it looked to me the plug wires were not even in the correct order. Check the simple things first.
  6. Lumens

    Putting SU Carbs on L28 EFI

    As I stated above I found the same issue as Phillip when I went from SU's to Mikuni. Well I was looking thru some spare parts and found another linkage I thought was the same. But looking at it closer I see the fire wall bracket is different. It is made offset and it brings the alignment back to the way it was before. Installed and took photos. No new holes need to be drilled. Just need to clean up and paint. I have no clue what it came from. 280ZX maybe?
  7. Lumens

    Putting SU Carbs on L28 EFI

    240260280, this is my exact issue with the alignment to my Mikuni set up that I would like to solve on my 240Z. I swapped my linkage to the 280Z style because the 280Z has the ball and socket at the fire wall. I thought that may work smoother. It has been working fine but I sure would like to align it straight on as you did.
  8. I found extra one you can have. Sent you a PM.
  9. For now if it were mine I think I would pull apart and fill with a good epoxy for metal and push back together. Then I would take a hammer with a pointed punch and wack that sleeve on each end. I don't think it would twist inside after that.
  10. Looks like an adapter was installed on the firewall. Perhaps to line linkage up. Mine is at an angle (not ideal) and need to come up with something like that. I have extra a shortened link like that I made as an experiment. You can have it if I can find it.
  11. Each manifold used is a little different than others. My Mikuni manifold uses the full length stock arm.
  12. Lumens

    280Z High Beam Switch Repair

    Yup you are correct. I thought Big Phil jumped the connection that ties both headlights together to upstream B/W ground. He needs to do that as the return path has to get back to the Hi-Lo switch.If that still does not do it then he should jumper the next connector further upstream back to the headlights from what I can see. And if not one of the connectors bad, then a broken R/B wire somewhere along the path. I think Lucas had a hand in this design.
  13. Lumens

    280Z High Beam Switch Repair

    No. Look at your 280Z wiring diagram again. Low beam will turn off.
  14. Look at the fuel and air jet you ended up at now. Almost the same as post number 1. That is more of a wow to me!
  15. Lumens

    Lash pad fell off top of valve spring

    A missing keeper may cause that unless I need to change my glasses prescription. 😃

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