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  1. For the right price, I would. I have seen an adapter plate online for the firewall, the biggest issue would be locating all those parts you listed (although I might be interested in just going with a performance pedal set). A clean dash would be key either in buying a whole car or doing the conversion
  2. hello, are the hood emblems metal or plastic? are they flat on the back side or slightly bent? thanks!
  3. Thanks for the lead! the post calls it a '67 with a 6-speed, so we'll see how legit the car actually is...
  4. Hey guys, I got in an accident about a month ago, and my '71 240Z was totaled (pic attached). I just [finally] got my insurance payout, and am in the market for a new car. I would really really like a RHD 240Z. I'm realy into Datsuns, long time enthusiast, worked at a Z shop in school, and really put a lot of effort and love into my Z. The car will be both brought to car shows / meets and autocrossed and raced / track days at Leguna Seca. I was driving the yellow one around at the last Car Week in Monterrey and turned a LOT of heads- I can only imagine what a RHD would do. Would love to find a project- I care about a straight body, clean frame, clean title, and low rust. Don't really care about the paint, motors, transmission, diff, seats or door panels. Hopefully someone can help a fellow out!
  5. Are you in the Army by chance? I was stationed at Ft. Campbell for 4 years
  6. That looks like the tighter "13 row" mesh grille- where did you get it? My understanding is that the only one currently available is the looser "8 row", really wanting one like yours though!
  7. Any specifics on the head? Just wondering what valves, cam, and any head work done? (and price, of course)
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