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  1. Does anyone have any hands on experience with vortex (my term) machined velocity stacks (air horns) on a L6? Ideally, experience on Webers but if a difference resulted on Mikunis I'm all ears. Link to product: http://admix-racing.com/product2.html Thank you.
  2. 36 is going to feel a bit big. 2.4L is usually 32 tops, 34 for a 2.8L. A 4.5 aux is fine. 3.5 is an option.
  3. You're a bit rich on main for a L24 and may need to be in the 120-135 range. The 60F8 is too big. 50f8 is where you'll want to be. The 45 pump jet depends on the intake/exhaust (probably 0.55). If you find a bad bog on acceleration it'll mean you need to change you accel combo.
  4. I don't think it's a gunk or cleanliness problem. My guess is the diaphragm itself just doesn't play nicely with the spring at some point. I tried rebuilds, new aftermarket pumps, and combinations of tops, bottoms, and internals between all of it. I gave up without a mech solution.
  5. They seem to do odd things when they go back together. Easy part can feel ok, but then they don't work. I don't have a solution, just saying the mech pumps are a pain.
  6. Have you ran the pump into a bucket to capture the gas yet? That'll completely answer if it is a pump issue.
  7. Wow - this is amazing information. Thank you very much for sharing!
  8. For sure and if you decide to go another way I'm always interested in a set of 45s.
  9. You can do it. There isn't any mystery to it. You just need the idle mixture screw and idle jets to he somewhere in the right ballpark to balance and then you're off to the races.
  10. I feel your pain. I went through all this a little over a year ago. I ended up with an electric pump by the tank.
  11. That'll work, but it could get "pumped" and still not flow fuel. Checking the line after the pump is the best way to know if it is working.
  12. Catch 22 is you have to get it running before you can sync it. To sync disconnect the throttle linkage and set the throttle screw one by one. It's easier on a Weber as they aren't intertwined like SUs.
  13. Also, aftermarket mech fuel pumps seem to work for 0min to 30min on average. This isn't an issue if you are using your original pump.
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