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  1. I've been following rules of thumb on emulsion tubes but I think I need to select it to move the transition points on the circuits. My hypothesis is my daily town driving habits have me sitting in the transition between idle and main, leading to being a bit rich. Total hypothesis that I need to test in the spring.
  2. That's an interestingly lean combination with F11 emulsion and 45f9 idles.
  3. My post is there to live as an answer when someone uses google. For example, If you have a L24, L26, or L28E running a stock ignition coil you should use the FSM suggested gap for your carbed non fuel injected engine. BPR6ES spark plug off the shelf. Jury is out a little on dropping the resistor and going with a BP6ES. If you run a juiced up ignition coil run the -11 to pick up the bigger gapping.
  4. Stock coil. I got an answer elsewhere. Unless your spark is hot BP®6ES is the way to go.
  5. Is the increased gap for the EFI cars a function of injector, distributor, and coil? Does it take all 3 before you bump up the gap? Other posts say to run the -11 once you move away from points, but they seem to imply full EFI. Does it really matter?
  6. If running a pertronix and the stock coil on a carbed L28E is the BP6ES-11 the right plug or should I run the smaller gap on the BP6ES?
  7. Popping out the floats and measuring their distance to contact with the needle is a good measure too. For the bog at acelleration from low RPM I had to step outside the online gospel of jet selection on L-engines. Post up your jetting and we can chime in.
  8. I haven't had this issue with my unshielded triples over wrapped headers so I'd look elsewhere. Are you able to mount an inline fuel pressure gauge to monitor pressure? Have you popped the inspection lids to check bowl fuel level with vernier calipers cold and hot? If fuel never differs and is always good it's not the fuel. To your comment about throttle at low RPM, would that be at 1,700-2,000? Say, every time you come around a corner in regular traffic?
  9. Thank you for the fuller reply. I found your links helpful. Well, at least I now know I'm back in for a fun time with my favourite space on the Datsun...
  10. Aww crap. I'm 6'4“ and have to get the radio out. I just did the heater water **** so I'm not looking forward to getting back under there.
  11. I'm in the same boat and my plan is to go with Mike's covers from Banzai given they were what Nissan used for the Heritage restorations in the '90s. https://www.zzxdatsun.com/catSoftTrim.php
  12. Hello, Is it possible to pop the radio out by itself? I've undone the 2 bracket bolts on the sides and the faceplate corner screws on the front but it's still solidly in place. Does the whole heater control panel and faceplate have to come off to get the radio out? I'm cleaning up/removing the last of some CB and forward speaker wiring. Thank you.
  13. Does anyone have a lead on a 1973 emession decalset?
  14. Not very good decals and Norm shorted me on a set of points. Don't order from Zeddsaver.
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