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    1970 240Z (1413), Aurora 289 Cobra, 1936 International 1/2 Ton, 1965 Ranchero, 1961 Thunderbird, 1975 280Z Hybrid
  1. earlycanz

    Len Curtis

    Latest 280Z getting a 240Z appearance makeover.
  2. earlycanz

    need some exhaust leak feedback

    After reading this thread I realize what I thought was a head gasket is very likely a manifold gasket on my 240. There is a very audible "ticking" and it increases as the car is revved. My question to anyone who has experienced this....will one of the effects also be a loss in compression. The car starts on the first turn, revs reasonably freely (noisy ticking aside) but when driving lacks acceleration or response.
  3. earlycanz

    How Close Are Our VIN #'s

    #1413 build of 01/70
  4. A great old timer I bought because I like the "Deco" feel to the interior and always wanted one. Likely not to keep it for too long as it is a rather sedate old lady to drive. I am in the process of getting it repainted in the original colour. Thecar was a Oklahoma car and rust free.
  5. Just a nice clean 280Z from Florida which needs paint and some detailing. Currently in the process of pulling the tired 305 and putting in a 350 Chevy engine.
  6. earlycanz


    Just an great heritage rod that I bought from the family of the builder from 1969 and this truck is unchanged from that time until recently. I upgraded the 283 powerglide to a 350/350 combination and left the rest of it well enough alone. Under it is a 61 Ford chassis and the rear deck was custom built to a very high quality standard. A great piece my family and I drive the wheels off.
  7. earlycanz


    Another California car purchased in 2008 and still enjoy alot. I think these cars are under rated mainly because they are not well known having only produced less than 200. Built in 1984 with a Ford 302/5 speed, jag style rear end, connoly leather, wool carpets these are great drivers.
  8. One owner car puchased by me outof California late in 2009. I imported it back to Canada. Reasonably low serial number, 1413 and overall fairly original.
  9. earlycanz

    Windscreen Wipers.

    I am curious if any other model year Civic wiper motor has been used. I have been looking for a wrecked 1991 Civic for months now without success. How about a 90 or 92/93 etc? Anyone used a different model year other than the 94 mentioned? Len
  10. earlycanz

    What year Zcar do you own?

    Own a 1970, 1971 and 1975
  11. Anyone out there have a mechanical clutch setup in their v8 240z with a 5 speed. I have my 3rd hydraulic throwout bearing leaking with less than 300 miles on all 3 of them! I have given up and make a good old fashioned mechanical. Anyone help me with this process and what I will need.
  12. earlycanz


  13. earlycanz

    Blue 240z door panel

    Thanks for the heads up Gary, I had communicated with this member before the eBay listing about these parts.
  14. earlycanz

    Blue 240z door panel

    grunto311...I sent you an email re the blue panels

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