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    Used to own an '84 300zx Turbo in high school. Man, I miss the Z life! I'm looking at a 240z now and need to bone up on them.
  1. I figured I'd post an update here. The guy sold the cam to someone else before sending me any pictures of the stampings, so it may have been a CWC billet cam. I think I'll be sending my stock cam to Delta Cams for a regrind (as well as the rocker arms). I need to call and talk to them still. I'd like a semi-aggressive cam, but I do want to run round top SU's for a while, with my eye on a triple Weber DCOE setup in the future. If any one has grind recommendations for that while retaining low end power, I'm open to it. I'm guessing that's vaguely a Stage 2 or Stage 3, but from what I understand the stage designations are a bit arbitrary. Thanks all!
  2. Awesome, thanks! I've heard folks talking about MSA but I didn't realize they used Schneider cams. I'll update my post with the grind #. I didn't know they were a standard way of referring to different cams.
  3. Hi All, I've lurked for a while and read quite a bit here, but now I need some direct help. I'm rebuilding my L26 currently and would like to put a more aggressive cam in while I'm there. I'm new to this kind of engine building. Been working on air cooled 2 stroke engines for while. From what I gather, the standard way of doing things is to come up with your power goal first and then decide what parts to get. In an effort to learn more about how all these areas affect each other, I've started looking at cams first (maybe not the best idea, I know). I want my 260z to be generally in the area of a resto-mod. I have round top SU's I'll be using. Looking for some power gains, but not getting crazy with it. This will be a street car and I want to maintain reasonable drivability. A guy locally has a Schneider Racing cam for sale (new) at a great price. I've seen conflicting things online as far as what else would be required to support that cam. People have reported those cams wearing faster and stock valve springs used. That kinda seems like a recipe for failure though. Cam Specs: Grind: 270-80F Intake Duration: 270 Exhaust Duration: 280 Valve Lift: .460 So I have some questions regarding this type of setup. Would this roughly be considered a Stage 3 cam? Would I need to upgrade the valve springs? Would I need to increase the compression to get the engine to run properly? Thanks in advance. These are likely stupid questions, but I tend to learn a little better this way.
  4. Hey y'all! New member here. I owned an '84 300zx Turbo when I was in high school. It was kind of a beater, but it would squeal the tires in 3rd! I was a pretty active member on the z31.com boards when they existed. Anyways, I've wanted a 240z for a long time. I don't have the money to go in for a nice one, but I love projects. Fixing rust on cars would be new for me. I've spent years rebuilding motorcycles. They're pretty different, but I'm confident I can learn. When I get a chance I'll post pics of the car I'm looking at currently. Right now I'm here primarily to learn about that lauded 1st generation! Thanks for having me! Also, I'm located in Western North Carolina, USA.
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