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  1. My rolling shell is also a late 71. Made 9/71. Do you have Some way of communicating with me other than on here?
  2. Thanks for the help. Not just on this topic but my other one as well
  3. I recently acquired a 240z rolling shell. And when I say rolling shell I mean it. There’s literally nothing in the engine bay and I don’t have brake lines. The only thing on this shell is, Brake rotors and calipers, axles (obviously), steering, rear axles, and a differential (most likely an R160) my question is, what is everything I need in my engine bay for me to swap an engine and transmission in and get it to run and drive. I know this is a huge request but it’d be greatly appreciated. And yes I have googled diagrams and schematics for the engine bay but in haven’t found much
  4. I haven’t been able to find a list of parts needed for this HP goal. My real goal is 250-300 using an L28 without a turbo. But if this isn’t plausible in my case I’ll do what everyone else is doing. Get an L28et. My question/request for anyone looking at this is to supply me with a list of parts needed for this goal and if it’s even possible to get to 250hp cheaply
  5. Will keep in mind, thank you
  6. Thank you for this. However for the motor, L28et’s are way more expensive then just plain old L28’s in my area. Also on top of this, if you find an L28et for a good price in my area you have to look at the perfect time and buy it fast no questions asked or else it’ll be gone the next day. I found an L28 for $300 near me where as the cheapest L28et and transmission near me has been $1k
  7. Hello, this is my first topic and I would like some help on my current project. I recently bought a 71’ 240z and I am planning on engine swapping an L28 w/ 4 speed that I also plan to turbo in the near future. I have a couple questions. 1. What driveshaft would I use for this conversion. Would I use a 240z driveshaft or should I use the 280z driveshaft? (I’m not sure if my Z is series 1 or 2 at the moment) 2. When turbo charging an NA L28 what components should I upgrade and what additional parts do I NEED. I’m on a tight budget so don’t tell me I need the most expensive parts. (Have a $1500-$2000 budget for the engine)