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  1. Good news: my new master cylinder (Exedy) got here today. I installed it, bled the system, and was able to shift through all the gears. I was even able to shift into reverse without any grinding.
  2. I've had shifting into reverse work a few times, but usually when I try to shift into R with the clutch depressed it just grinds. I had to turn the engine off, shift into R, turn the engine on with the clutch depressed, and slowly let it out. Shifting into the forward gears didn't have any of those issues.
  3. oh they have it, it's this one: https://www.thezstore.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TZS&Product_Code=21-2122
  4. If I want to just replace/refresh everything in the clutch area, can I just buy everything for the 240Z? I only see a collar for sale on thezstore for a 240z: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic22b01h/21-2121
  5. The clutch master installed on the car when I got it was bad. The pile of parts the previous owner gave me had another master in it, but I have no idea if that one was also bad. It was at least better than the first one. I just ordered a new one. The seal kits look about the same price as a new cylinder. @cgsheen1 are you sure? I wouldn't be surprised. I haven't done anything to the clutch since buying this vehicle about a year ago, so it's not unlikely that the PO installed something wrong, b/c there was a lot installed wrong on this engine.. Yes I believe it's a 280Z tr
  6. I have a 240z with an engine & 5-speed from a 280z. I've always had trouble shifting into reverse, but now it seems like the clutch won't disengage at all. I've installed a new slave cylinder and bled the line (I think I did all this properly 😅). I've also adjusted the clutch pedal almost all the way out. Attached is a video of the slave cylinder actuating under full petal press. It seems like it's not traveling as far as it should. I took the boot off for visual reference. 125930574_PXL_20210605_1916584222.mp4
  7. Got my exhaust pipe painted and exhaust reinstalled. Wired up my new TinyWB wideband controller to my Speeduino, and it was showing I was actually running pretty lean. I'm assuming I want to be around 13 - 15 AFR. Ignore every gauge other than coolant, AFR, & MAP in TunerStudio. The other ones aren't hooked up. I've also included a couple more photos of my throttle linkage for clarification.
  8. @alex240z Here's a couple pics of the butterflies I just took. It was idling around 1200 - 1400 earlier today.
  9. I got my new battery so the car runs again 🙂. It was idling at around 1200. I'll make sure to get another picture of the butterflies tomorrow. I welded on an O2 bung. Now I'm waiting for paint to dry; then I'll try to wire up the sensor to my ECU.
  10. I improved it, but I have a feeling something with the linkage is still causing it to not close 100%. Tried lots of that, found nothing. Yes, new gaskets in all those places. Yes. I ended up putting a plug with some teflon tape where the PCV valve goes. I've replaced pretty much every rubber thing on there, and have sprayed every spot with carb cleaner while running, and haven't found any leaks. That was one of the issues. I've fixed that. Thanks for the photo. I'll got check mine tomorrow.
  11. I had a mishap with my battery, so have been waiting for a new one to arrive by mail. I've mainly been working on some non-engine stuff with the car. I'll also be picking up some welding gas today. I ordered some O2 sensor bungs on Ebay a few weeks ago, but they still aren't here, so I ordered some other ones on Amazon. I have a TinyWB which I'll use to hook up my Bosch LSU 4.9 to my Speeduino. Hopefully that will help me get some good diagnostics info.
  12. Also to be clear, all this testing I've done is with the fast idle screw completely backed off, and with both carb's idle screws completely backed off. When you say the choke cables should be removed when testing, that is just to be extra sure they're not adding any richness, right?
  13. I guess I bought just in time. It's also out-of-stock on Jegs' website.
  14. I got one of these to get TDC without taking the head off: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078WJN4YP
  15. Okay, the issue with the rear butterfly was that the choke cable was mounted a little high. I tried using the lift pin method you mentioned, but each time i tried, the engine lowered in RPM and almost died, which would indicate 'lean', but I cranked the mix screw all the way to 'rich' and it still stumbled and died. 🤔
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