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  1. The Z i am looking at has flares not quite as large as those but close. Anyone know the size wheel those are along with what brand they are? I think they would look great on Black. -Jeff
  2. Oops! , i frogot to add that info. It is a 1973 240z Euro which i think should run the same control unit as the USDM version. If i am wrong correct me. -Jeff
  3. I need a working heater control unit for a Z I am hopefully about to buy. The newer the better. Price and Pics please! -Jeff
  4. , thanks for the info. I'm gonna talk to my uncle who has more knowledge on transmissions thann anyone else i have met and also see if he can hook me up witha shop to rebuild it. Heres in his words what the problem is: Mechanically the car is flawless except the tranny. The syncros in 2nd gear are getting warn, you can hear a noise(hard to explain) when letting off gas in 2nd gear. Still works great, was told that I could probably get quite a few miles out of it still. What parts does this probably involve? Is there any specail clutch that would be needed to make it all work? Any info would be great because the car apears to be spotless otherwise. Also, i was wondering, what are the differences between the Euro version and the USDM version? Thanks for the help everyone! -Jeff
  5. What is the aprox price on one of these trannys or can it just be rebuilt? which would be cheaper? I think I am in love... -Jeff
  6. HOly shiznit! I am exited. 51 kilomiters, beautiful inside and out for 7k!?!?!?! Man, i am calling sooner.
  7. Well, heres the deal... I have been browsing the papers for a while looking for a nice 240z andd I think i may have found one. I am planning to call sometime tommorow to ask about the car but in the meen time I was wondering if you all think this is a good deal and if anybody knows the seller. The add goes as folows... 1973 240Z EURO, 50k orig. kil, too much to list! $8000 and the sellers name is Bo. Now i dont know but 50k kil orig! that sounds awesome! i hope it dosn't have rust. anyways if you are the seller PLEASE POST SOME INFO AND PICS before i get my hope up too much! -Jeff
  8. :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid:
  9. What happened to this fourm? We gotta get a little more action going on in here... -Jeff
  10. Well I was at least hoping for some replys:ermm: This guy really needs your votes and well, even though I dont know him... from the pics and the mod list this car KICKS @$$. C'mon, I know its not Nissan/datsun but you gotta help him out. SCC didnt even print the entire mod list so he is at somewhat of a disadvantage. -JEff
  11. WOW! Nice pics! -Jeff
  12. Maxima over a 540i??? Maxima over a M5 ???? MAXIMA OVER A M3!?!?!?!? IMHO, the new maxima is nice but (sorry Nissan ) but if I had the money, then screw the maxima...I am gonna buy a BMW or other german vehicle. The M5 has got to be the finest sedan out there at the moment. And c'mon... SMG tranny??? That has to be the finnest transmission out there (can you say F1?) and it shifting gears for you in 2 hundreths of a seccond is just amazing. I do belive though, that the Designer of the 7series and the new Z4 should be shot as those are UGLY!!!. And no offence to you but I cant stand that FX45...when I first saw it I thought that AMC was making a comeback. My dream garage would consist of a Fully restored 1970 240z with a L28 engine fully tuned out, a BMW M5, A R32 Nissan skyline GRT V-spec with full MINE'S spec engine, and a Range Rover. My 0.2... -Jeff Ps: I KNOW I am gonna get flamed for this but it is simply my opinion that Nissans are great but a fine BMW would just be perfect for me! Also, this is NOT a flame twards Victor...its simply my opinion. :classic:
  13. Man those fairbound cars are awesome! that GTS is probably about the best looking car I have ever seen! :love: -Jeff :love:
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