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  1. **** the energy sector. 

    I work in Comms and the prices of transmission equipment and the prices of services decreases every year (except at the edge where the price of data and phones and internet connections always goes up) 

    MBA's and greed are ****ing the world.

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  2. We are screwed up in Canada because of our loser Prime Minimum.  Not enough vaccines.

    So far only 15M delivered since Dec (~ 5 days of USA)... and most are AstraZeneca (robbed from the COVAX international program and nobody wants it)

    The only hope here is that all the USA gets vaccinated and then the sellers look for other markets.


    image.jpegTrudeau and Trump hold face to face meeting on sidelines of G7 summit -  TodayvilleJustin Trudeau – Orton's Crime BlogTrudeau to march in Toronto's Pride parade this summer, organizers say -  CityNews TorontoTrudeau to march in Toronto Pride Parade for a second time - 660 NEWSWhat we know about Justin Trudeau's blackface photos — and what happens  next | CBC NewsJustin Trudeau shamed by fresh blackface video as future Canadian PM filmed  leaping around in afro wig and dark makeup on boating trip


  3. One thought on J&J clots is the needle injecting into a vein or artery rather than in muscle.  


    This can be avoided by the injection technique: drawing back the needle after sticking it in.  If blood is seen then it is in a larger vessel so do not inject there!

  4. Not you.... the $^!# software these day.


    I have fire fox scaling to 67% and I can only see 5.5 Fn new topics.  I don't want to have to scroll my life away.


    With fire fox at 100% scale I see just two new topics!  It sucks.  I hate the internet and modern wanker programmers.



  5. Too much white space.

    Google did the same with their news. It is unbearable.  Made for phone GUIs suck.


    If you can't afford a computer or bigger screen, you should not have a car.


    Phones are for lazy people.


    People who like to see the internet on a small screen are not evolved.

    The Amazing 1971 Zenith Color TV - Flashbak

    The Color TV Thread | Page 9 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums



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  6. 30 minutes ago, dutchzcarguy said:

    Thats a euro (!) 260z 2+2 ...  (280z was never a euro version made of.) I'm curious.. does it have the french taillights ( as majorette is a french brand)   

    So it should have red and orange taillights not the white reverse lights besides the orange blinkerlights?  Top half is red, lower half is orange.


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  7. Effective fuel hole diameter  in carbs and fuel pressure determine fuel flow. I think it is the same for injectors.

    Fuel pressure in injectors is relative to manifold air pressure rather than absolute air pressure otherwise  a negative pressure in the manifold would combine to  "suck extra fuel".

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