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  1. Measuring the fuel level in a small jar by pouring in the top is brilliant an is  great for ensuring both fuel levels are exactly the same but this is basically for 0psi fuel pressure.

    If you apply 3.5 to 4psi, you will find the valve opens and the fuel level goes up higher.  Measuring on a running car or with a head of fuel does not have this issue.

  2. 3 minutes ago, motorman7 said:

    The 2.4% for Wuhan/Covid is way off.

    Nope.. it is deaths/case for world numbers. 


    I lost two friends in the spring. Since then many in the company I work have lost family members.

    Don't make it seem like it is nothing... it is serious.  Asymptomatic spreaders are like snipers.

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