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  1. 54 minutes ago, duffman said:

    240260280, is your jet alignment tool primarily for the 4 screw dome carbs, or for either the 3 screw of 4 screw?  I can see how it would adjust the nozzle in the 4 screw carb to sit in the appropriate position.  I am trying to understand how it would benefit for the 3 screw, as you would have to take the dome and piston out to put the needle in, which would undo your adjustments.

    It is for aligning the nozzle sleeve (that holds the jet) to the centre of the piston. If you disassemble the bottom of the carb, you will find the nozzle sleeve has freedom to be repositioned within the nozzle sleeve set screw:



  2. 15 hours ago, Mike said:

    I must say, however, that most of our hack attempts are originating from China.  Check out these logs.  Sorta reminds me of the logs I have seen from the voting machines that were "not online" during the last election.  😛

    China built the great internet wall to isolate its citizens but we need to do the same and block China to protect the world from those mudderfookers.

  3. Is software crashing or is it being hacked?  Our AtlanticZ website was on a web hosting server that was hacked and it took it down.

    In 2001 Chinese hackers took out our company website 360networks.

    Chinese hackers took out the NRC systems in Canada and took all of the research data in 2014,....they are a horrible country causing harm to the internet.

  4. It's "Slosh".  When the car accelerates, the fuel sloshes to the back side of the bowl, when the car decelerates, the fuel sloshes to the front. This causes the float to change its height slightly. The acceleration also affects the float.

    If acceleration of water places more at the back wall of the bowl, the water pressure will push the float towards the front of the bowl (put a rubber duck in a bucket of water then spin it on a turntable. The Duck will be forced towards the centre|).

    It is a very complex physics problem and the key is that it affects both carbs in the opposite way due to hinge location asymmetry.



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  5. I don't think the shape of the float that is submerged is an issue unless part of it binds. It is all about height of fuel below the bridge in the throat of the carb.

    Is there a problem with binding that needs the weights?  Denser fuel will cause the float to sit higher.



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