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  1. Not sure if this will solve your strut tower cutting problem as these claim they are "bolt in". Camber Plates For S30 Z-Car - Suspension - Datsun 240z - Datsun I run Ksport Coilover system on my DD Corolla and I must say the dampening adjustment will give you a lot better ride and customization than just a non-adjustable strut and sleeves to shorten the spring travel. I think Ksport sells a set for the Z for $1200. I have put over 50k miles on my DD driving through pothole and a$$hole capital, Washington DC so I can attest to their reliability. Good luck with your endeavor
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation. There are rebuilt motors for that price by Datsun vendors.
  3. When lowering a car that extreme, you will get an uncomfortable ride and bouncy because the shocks/struts does not match the amount of rebound and travel required. I never really liked the idea of welding sleeves on to a strut and call than an coilover. For a comfortable ride, you will need to be able to adjust the dampening and allow the strut to have a full travel. By compressing the springs on the sleeve, your suspension will not have the proper stroke required for a smooth ride. Real coilover systems are expensive, but they are totally worth it.
  4. Yeah, I found a few "sets" on eBay for almost $300. All stainless steel bolts to replace everything on the car and some engine parts as well.
  5. I started to disassemble the Z today and noticed there is a stamping on the front fenders near the cowl. The stamping was a logo and "made in Taiwan". Is this a replacement fender or was it outsourced back in the day?
  6. Link was broken. Here's the good one Datsun 240z 260z 280z 300zx parts call with needs...
  7. I started clearing out the Z and found a tool bag with the lug wrench and spindle for the jack. The black bag have the Nissan Motor stamp. How original is that? I thought Nissan didn't want their name on anything just in case the US market is a bust.
  8. Did you use engine paint or body paint?
  9. Thank you all for the welcome and suggestions. It sound's like I'll just be keeping the red paint. I have yet to check to see if it's actually Datsun paint code used by the PO so when I get new skin I'll have to somehow match it if it's not. 26th-Z, why will OR-15 be bad? Do you recommend something else in lieu of it? I know I want to seal the undercarriage and interior panels for sure just to prevent future rusts.
  10. Hello, I just picked up a 71 240Z series I with all matching numbers. The only thing not matching is the color. I have not decided what color I am going with because the red that was sprayed in the engine compartment area is still pretty good. I'm planning on using OR-15 to coat the bottom of the chassis and interior floors. Probably going to do the engine bay as well. Believe it or not, there's absolutely no rust holes or spots in the engine compartment but coating it prevents future rots if any develops. So my question is this......from a collectors point of view, is it better to match the body color or should I black it out with the rust preventive coating that dries gloss black?
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