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  1. I have spent 3500 dollars since Christmas on basic maintenance such as brakes, exhaust,carbs,electrical,tires,suspension and general touch up.It will be a couple grand more to make it like new but I figure that is still cheaper than a new car, plus it is the car I want to drive.
  2. Monticello is the deer capital of Georgia.This is my front yard.
  3. I picked it up from the shop today and drove the $^!# out of it.
  4. I bought a booster from O'riellys today for 100 dollars.The shaft was to big so going to swap shafts tomorrow.Will reply if there is a problem.
  5. I know this is not an emergency to many but I took my early 4 spd transmission out to swap with 5 spd not knowing the shifter was different.I am now in limbo until I can find a shifter I know it is my own fault but I am learning.Any help would be appreciated.I have some parts if someone needs a trade or would buy outright.Thanks
  6. It will be Monday before I can look at my transmission but it looks like this might work.Now I will need a shifter.I have the shifter off of an A transmission.
  7. This looks like the missing piece Shifter control arm.
  8. I see what the problem is.It looks like a piece that the shifter fits in is missing?
  9. Thanks,I read these and it says the shifters are not interchangeable between 4 and 5 speed trans.What do I do?I don't mind cutting the sheet metal.
  10. I am in the middle of a 4/5 speed swap and the shifter is not even close.The trans looks it takes a different type.I have spent two hours on old forums and other sites but I can,t find what I need.Here is two pics.One is 4 sp trans with shifter the other is the back of 5 sp trans.Any suggestions?
  11. It might not be racing but it looks like a lot of fun without tearing up my car real bad.I would like to try it.
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