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  1. I see ! Learning some serious stuff here with you gents. I guess what is throwing us off is the fact that once I do have the car fired up and idling, it idles at above 2500rpms and when you throttle it just dies and shuts off, and when you are throttling the pedal, the so called “choke” cable moves along with the throttle as if you are pushing and pulling off of each other, If that made sense.
  2. Yessir. I saw what BaT auctions been going for. This is more a car that i wanted to sort out and at its best present to my father when he is retired. It’s the one car he’s always wanted but never got to own cause he had three sons to raise. Fonrtunate enough to be able to have gotten most of my dream cars. I’ve got to make sure I get him his, yea
  3. That’s awesome. What a small world. My workshop is in oceanside. Welcome to come by anytime. Would gladly give you a tour of the facility and have some drinks and have you tell me if this red thing is worth the restore Lim planning need a seasoned pro’s advice
  4. @240260280 many thanks sir. I will attempt that when I can free up. Best lead I’ve got since owning it. Obviously, I’d still want this little thing to be looked over by a pro. Any recommendations are still much appreciated.
  5. So there’s a chance; I pull that choke off the system that it might actually start without the help of starter fluid? 🤔
  6. Might post this pic up on the more technical side of the forums... the shiny new stainless steel line is the “choke” that the previous owner did. But upon further inspection, it’s literally routed with the throttle cable, so you pull the choke and it will pedal the throttle and vice versus 😂
  7. Thanks guys I’ll check R&R out with a call and ask around the CT club as well. Not so concerned about body work and whatnot. Just really want the car running. I’m sure my Z needs a lot more work, but really need someone to reroute the throttle and choke cable and triple check the carbs just so I can drive around in this thing a little for the summer. I own a high performance nissan / infiniti shop and personally do all the tuning on my in house dyno. But this might be a little too predated for me and my techs to tackle for the time being I’ve got 6 engine builds for twin turbo Z34s that all need to be done by May 🤦🏽‍♂️ but now have got the serious itch about getting this classic running. The L26 was overhauled and bored out by previous owner and I’ve compression checked etc already. Here’s a pic of the said car; when it was being loaded on trailer from Georgia to bring to me in NY. Thanks again gents!
  8. Hi guys. Been a lurker here forever! Picked up a 74 last summer and haven’t had the time to sort it out. Anyone recommend a tech or mechanic in the LI or metro NY area? Car came with triple webbers but seem to be wired up or lined up wrong. If you spray starter fluid, she fires up and sounds pretty damn good. But the throttle and the choke seemed to have been routed at the same line by the previous owner 😑🤨. I own a business and really have not had any time to just sort out the damn thing. Any direction to a trustworthy guy that can take this job on would be much appreciated. -Alex
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