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    71 240 its on the rotisserie off the rotisserie and starting body work

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  1. zbert1

    window regulator

    Thanks for the info this will help me move forward.
  2. zbert1

    window regulator

    Sounds like my 280 regulators are to new.will the 240 windows work if I get the correct regulators. thanks.
  3. I installed 260 doors on my 240 I have found that the 240 regulator does not fit I purchased 280 regulators they do not fit does the 260 have its own regulator?
  4. Great thanks to all for your help.
  5. Any know what happened to Datsunzgarage.com?
  6. zbert1

    p89 head

    Looking for a shop to rebuild my zx head new cam port and polish make it better. thanks.
  7. Another option is a fiber glass dash take a look at Retro spec I also e mailed this guy he did reply but produced no customer reviews from any customers that have purchased his dash he does mention they are going to make a 280z dash.
  8. Still looking for any feed back from any body that has ordered and installed one of these replacement dashes. Thanks.
  9. Has any one ordered and received one of these dashes? if so whats your opinion thanks.
  10. zbert1

    body parts

    Got my clips once again mark thanks a million you're a lifesaver hoping to have some pictures of a finish car at least by Summer Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  11. zbert1

    body parts

    Good question I do not know hopefully another member might know I have tried to locate new clips they are not available thru Nissan the ones I managed to lose were rough at best was I successful at getting my address to you ? I am still fighting technology once again thanks a million.
  12. zbert1

    body parts

    thanks I PM you
  13. Mark.

    My address is 813 Westminster drive Washington Illinois 61571 Robert Starling

    Thanks and I will pass it on.

  14. zbert1

    body parts

    I need all four that would be great let me know what I need to do to make payment and shipping arrangements thank you .
  15. zbert1

    body parts

    I have had no luck finding used brackets or clips I am looking for some one that is parting out a 240z thanks.