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  1. I just fitted a stroker I built many years ago. Used a standard l24 block, l28 crank, l24 pistons and rods. Shaved the difference in the rods off the top of the dished pistons which ended up as flat tops. E88 head with some port work and mild can. Still running in but can feel a big improvement over my old stock l24.
  2. Sorry to confuse mate, not selling. I'd really like to also find a 4 speed one for my other gearbox.
  3. For sale 7/76 Datsun 240k sedan. Runs well and drives, was last registered in 2009. Has owners manual and service history log book. Body is in fantastic condition with 2 very minor rust spots on the boot lid. Good overall paint condition. Has original dealer and fuel economy stickers in back window. Interior really needs to be seen to be believed, it is beautiful. Carpet has worn in some spots. Still has Datsun mudflaps fitted. Comes with original spare, tool kit. jack and chocks. Original working radio I haven't done any body work so I have nothing to hide, only clean, polish. I can take more detail pics if there is anything you need. Windscreen washer bottle has fallen to bits so I will try to sort something out when I can. This car is 100% complete and in very good original condition. It is unregistered and will be sold this way. I will post more pics on the weekend. Asking $35000. Located in Queensland, Australia.
  4. For Sale 7/1976 Datsun 240k or Nissan Skyline C110. 100% complete, body in very good condition, paint in good condition and interior in almost perfect condition. Does have two small rust bubbles on the bootlid. Still has original dealer sticker and fuel economy stickers on the back window, also Datsun mudflaps.Carpet has some wear though. Has log books, owners manual, tool kit, working radio. Car runs and drives but I have only driven it about 200m since I bought it 3-4 years ago as it isn't registered. Last registered in 2009 by previous 90ish year old lady owner. Original engine and auto. I have a few pics, just ley me know if you would like more detail or something in particular. Thanks.
  5. My blue 1976 240k is now for sale, message me if you are interested. Some new pictures to update soon, still the same but cleaner and more detail. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I still check in occasionally but sure has died.
  7. Here are a few picks. Still to fit my lowered front springs, will hopefully balance the car better.
  8. Thats a great find, just what you wanted. Engine specs, or are you going to run that l28?
  9. So just to get things straight, you now own this one? How did you come across it?
  10. Sorry I can't help with any pics, going to swap mine over very soon.
  11. I am pretty sure all the auto pedal boxes are almost the same as manual pedal boxes except for the clutch pedal stopper. This is a right angle bracket fitted to stop the clutch pedal returning too far towards you. Easy to fit and have seen it covered in some of the auto to manual conversion threads on this forum. I have sold 2 manual parts cars and all I took out was the pedals because the pedal box looks like a big job.
  12. I have been told by my local exhaust shop that wrapping my headers will dramatically shorten their life. I don't track my 240, I hardly ever drive it and never in rain but would like to keep engine bay temps down. Anyone experienced wrapping problems?
  13. Have not rely done much with the blue one yet, runs well but leaking valve stem seals causing but of smoke. Will fix that down the track. Bit of rust on rims so I want to sort that before it gets worse. No parts cars at the moment, all sold, just left over parts I am finding hard to sell in case of breakage or something. Looking forward to Brisbane All Jap Day 15 Feb.
  14. I am thinking of repainting the rims on the blue car. At the moment they are all silver, anyone know if this is a way they came or where they all black centred?
  15. We are all looking, but not for you I am afraid.
  16. Bidding sure has started strongly.http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-240k-GL-C110-Skyline-1977-4D-Sedan-5-SP-Manual-2-4L-Carb-/261740207139?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item3cf0ee9c23
  17. Mastadd240k, I may have to report you for an offensive post. Very upsetting. Is this what happens with most going overseas?
  18. The name does not really worry me but some of us have sedan versions called yonmeri. Just happy you z guys let us join in this great site.
  19. One of my 240k's had been sitting for about 9 years. Seemed no amount of cranking could prime the fuel lines so I poured a small amount of fuel straight down the throat of the single carb ( you probably have at least two carbs). Had to do it a few times but just needed to turn over faster I think. Start You Bastard ( spray) would be better if you have a helping hand.
  20. Not sure which part you needed a pic of but here are a few. Let me know more details if needed. Also I haven't run this motor and carbs yet so house routing may not be correct. First three are of my motor and next are from a z at a local car show, maybe helpful.
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