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  1. Actually, they make Altimas, Maximas, Xterras and Frontiers in Tennessee. They make Armadas, Titans, Quests, and more Altimas in Mississippi. Sentras are made in Mexico and everything else (Z's and Infinities) comes from Japan. Mike
  2. I second the Koni recommendation, Messley can get them as well. Having tried 300 front and 275 pound rear springs, then switching them to 275 front and 300 rear (required a matching sway bar change), I liked the lighter fronts better. More bite under braking and turn in, lap times were quicker at WSIR as well. Mike
  3. Hi, sorry, been away from the forum for a time and didn't realize there were responses to this old add. I still have all the tires, although I think someone's coming to pick up the 14's this week. If not, I'll get back with the folks who asked about those. Turbo 240, I'd like to get $150 for the set, that's less than $40 per tire. Mike
  4. If any of you Phoenix guys are looking for something to do this weekend, stop by PIR. HSR-West is holding vintage races there, and the Kruse auction is at the same location. I'll be there with the CP car (for sale sign attached). HSR has promoted me to the big bore group, meaning I'll be running against the V8 cars. I'm not worried, they can't get their cars around corners, and PIR is pretty tight. The only other 6 cyl cars in the big bore group are a pair of facotry sponsored Jaguar E types, and they have 4.2 liter engines. Stop by and say hi, it should be a great weekend. Mike
  5. Hi John, I figured you bought that yellow car since the ebay ad disappeared the same day we emailed each other. I'm taking my car to HSR-West in Phoenix the end of Jan. If I have the money, and the car isn't sold yet, I'll see you at the Feb VARA event. I'm really hoping it sells in Phoenix. The HSR event is being held in conjunction with the Kruse auction, so maybe some guy will get bitten by the racing bug and take my car home. Mike Eckhaus
  6. That first one is mine. I'm trying to sell it so I can build another car. I know it's not cheap, but it has tons of spares and is truly a well built car. Let me know if anyone is interested. I can make a deal. Mike
  7. I have a set of four 225/50/15 Bridgestone RE71 tires AND a set or four 225/60/14 Yokohama A509 tires that I was originally going to use for rain tires for my race car. All tires have 75 to 80 percent tread left (guaranteed - no exagerating like you find on ebay or elsewhere.) They're just taking up space right now, so make a reasonable offer for one or both sets. I would prefer local pickup (SoCal), but if you want them shipped, I'll figure shipping costs and get them out to you. Mike
  8. Back when I fancied myself a decent driver, I tried my hand at World Challenge. I didn't suck too badly, but I certainly wasn't going to win with my talent and my budget. This car is way more trick than it looks, lots of race only stuff, lightweight body, more tubes than original frame, etc. Definitely the fastest car I've ever driven on a track. I did win a club championship with it in 2000. Mike
  9. Are these three piece wheels? Do you have pics? If still available, I'm interested. Mike
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