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  1. It's actually a 2k ute liner i used. Can tint it as well but i also painted over it
  2. small update Small update. Been busy chipping away. Got the interior painted in just a solid grey and also stone guarded underneath Also got all the arms underneath painted. Final check for door gaps And finally got a set of these They are still in japan and unsure on internal specs but they are 44's. Bit of a gamble but hopefully they pay off.
  3. both my ones where fine from city auto, must of got unlucky :/
  4. i would inspect before before buying because both door and pillar rubbers as specific for hardtops, unsure about 4 doors.
  5. boot can be pretty universal but doors are specific. here are the door options ????/????????????????/L?/GC110 ???? - Yahoo!?????? - ????! ????HT KPGC110 KGC110 ?????? ??? ?? ? ??? - Yahoo!?????? Mspeed - ????!
  6. can also go About Streeter Corporation. i have been using him for almost 10 years now and prob spent 20k+ :/ haha
  7. if u want to sell rear suspension gear let me know
  8. to busy feeding his belly with yummy food.
  9. this is taillight search on yahoo. ????? ????????? - ????!
  10. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  11. man your car is clean, so good.
  12. haha small world, mine shall be there next year or maybe even the mid year one id its still on
  13. might be the auto killing it, the short drives i have had seemed ok.
  14. sweet, shame about the head but should be a winner now.
  15. same as holden hq i believe. otherwise u can get the same off yahoo for 500y
  16. been a while since update before after door work, yucky speaker hole fixed >_< skins painted the inside in 2k grey to seal if off. there was very little if any at all paint on the inside from factory and this way it wont rust ever
  17. ?ha? ? ????????? ??????????? ?? ? - ????????????? - ????! . i got a set here if u want some 2nd hand in the mean time
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