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  1. That's interesting....I didn't realise they share the same pad, only the wheels I had the trade Ferodo book and went through the whole thing trying to match pads
  2. Thanks Guys Ferrodo Don't do pads for our cars but I found the UK supplier of Hawk. Checkenman you preempted my next question which was to ask if Hawk are any good I've gone for HPS which should suit fast road well. Just want a bit more bite as the car is now running 250bhp so about 245 more than it had std
  3. Well the car is mainly road use, not even sure if it'll see the track tbh. Are these available on ebay as I'll need them shipped here?
  4. There don't seem to be any available in the UK What's the best fast road/track day pads for my 280 (76)? I want something with a lot more bite straight off without having to get them too warm Much appreciated
  5. OK That's useful to see. Thanks
  6. OK I'll keep you posted with developments but does anyone know what the fuel pick up looks like inside the tank? Is there a swirl pot inside the tank for example?
  7. Yes I'll hook up a gauge but I'm in no doubt the pressure is dropping causing the power loss but I need to find out why it's momentarily losing the fuel
  8. Getting too technical for me talking loops etc I'd have to ask my engine man The car has ITB's Jenvey 42mm and a link management system. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  9. Thanks for your suggestion but its not running any of the standard factory system It's all after market modern stuff fully mapped. Process of ellimination but I have to start in the tank I thing
  10. I have a 75 280 I've just fitted Throttle bodies and mapped injection along with a whole lot of engine work/mods A success pushing 245 bhp but every so often (well more often than not)) it holds back momentarily and surges back and forth as if it's losing fuel pressure. However it runs fine on the rolling road when the car is stationary So....What is in the tank that could possibly be interrupting the fuel delivery? Something come lose maybe?
  11. I like Need the wheel/tyre sizes etc
  12. Classic style for a classic car Most other options look too modern and therefor not right. IMH
  13. Its early 5000....will check exactly. How many produced in this guise?
  14. I'd love a 510....very cool indeed. ITG are now fitted and they're 3 singles with ally face. Don't know if they're best in that configuration or not. On my E Type they're one big one.
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