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  1. Hi Folks! Many thanks for the replies. Yes, the battery lost juice and I wasn't able to start. Yes, the battery voltage dropped to 11 and the volt meter was reading 16. What I mean about bypassing the VR is that I upgraded the last alternator that has the regulator inside. I ditched the original external one. I may have been too hasty to buy a replacement - haven't checked all connections as of yet. Perhaps that's my issue. Will check it this weekend.
  2. Hi Folks, My alternator failed and left me stranded yesterday. Oddly, the voltmeter in the dash was reading 16V and the red light didn't come on to warn me of any impending failure. I have a 77 280Z. The alternator currently in there includes the voltage regulator from a previous replacement / swap - this one is about 5 years old. Then red light in the voltmeter is good - it lights up on start and goes out after starting. So I'm wondering - when I replaced the alternator the first time (and bypassed the original regulator), did I render the voltmeter useless?
  3. Is there someone in San Jose who would be willing to do this repair on my '77 Z? My heater valve needs restoration too. No winter driving because of it... :-(
  4. My '77 is stock except for K&N air filter and cold air intake, and I have exactly the same problem as rossiz describes. In fact, last time out, the car just quit at a stop light and I had to have it towed home. No Son with truck and tools to come to my rescue. So reading thru here, the possible fixes are '79 fuel injector fan, '79 fuel rail, after market header, or fuel accumulator. Guess I'll start with the first one and see if that solves the problem.
  5. dbcjmc

    REM 5 speed

    Oh boy! That looks like all the tiny pieces of a precision Swiss watch. Hope you know how they all go back together.
  6. It's pretty straigh forward. Remove the 4 screws holding in the vents. Remove the metal brakets holding in the plastic air diffuser. Remove the diffuser. Remove the volt meter. The charging light has it's own plug right into the back of it. I had a spare light bulb from the instrument light bulb upgrade kit I bought at MSA. It's a 12V 4W bulb. Pretty simple really. Thanks again! Chances are I didn't even need to replace the alternator. Something to keep in mind next time I don't see the charging light when I switch the key on.
  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! This little charging light was indeed the issue! I replaced the light bulb and now it's working like a charm! Like you said, little red light on with key on, and then off when the engine is running. I'm getting 14V+ at idle now. All is good. So.... I'm still a little mystified as to how it was behaving before said light bulb replacement. Not sure why or how I was getting a full charge only after the one time high RPM boost. Either way, thank you SO MUCH! for your help! Another Z back on the road.
  8. Thanks so much for your help. No. The red charge light does not come on with the key on. The light doesn't come on with the key on whether the engine is running or not. I measured voltage to the L wire, and it's only pulling a few hundred mili Amps. When I rev the engine super high just one time, then it measures about 14.5V and all is good. Do you think it's a bad alternator? As I side note, I saw your other post about the brake check relay. The brake warning light is working like it should. I pulled the passenger seat and carpet to check. Funny thing, the brake warning light works as it should with the relay unplugged as well. No clicking sound when I connect the battery, so don't think this is the issue. I checked the voltage regulator bypass wiring I did. It's been some time so I don't remember the source.... I checked the wiring... They're as follows: Yellow to Blue White/black to Blue Black - no connect White/red - no connect I kind of doubt this is the issue because everything was working before the old alternator died. I'm inclined to ask mechanic to try alternator #4. What do you think?
  9. Is the wiring for the '77 the same as the '76? I can't download the '77 FSM from Xenon so have been using the '76. Also have this great color wiring diagram for a '76 that someone posted here someplace. I'm having the same charging issue that Harwyre posted in another string and think it may be a relay gone bad somewhere. The alternator will charge after I rev the engine up to ~5K just once. Then, everything is fine. Using the '76 wiring diagram to search for a relay gone bad someplace.
  10. Interesting. I actually had my local mechanic do the work. He said he's tried 3 different alternators all with the same result. I do like the idea of having one rebuilt by a specialty shop. Maybe that's the trick. Many thanks for your input.
  11. That should read "Fusable links" appear OK. That darn spell check!
  12. Yes, it does. I disabled the regulator and did the ZX upgrade. It worked fine for about 1.5 years and just quit. Replaced the alternator with a new one and charges at higher RPM but not at idle. Do you have a solution? Disable links appear OK and not getting hot.
  13. Hi Folks! My '77 280Z with the 280ZX alternator isn't charging at idle even after a new alternator swap. Any and all help is welcomed please!
  14. Hi Folks! I'm looking to buy Passenger and Driver side lower dash trim panels. Like the ones on eBay, but don't want to pay a kings ransom for them. Can anyone help a guy out? Datsun 260z 280z Lower Dash Trim Panels Stunning | eBay
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