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  1. Thanks Carl, Once I get the shell done the rest is easy,in my opinion. I'll keep picking away at.Roger
  2. Put the car on the rotisserie yesterday by myself. Fabricated it about 3 years ago. Rolls easily with one hand. Haven't tried to rotate it yet. Going to make some braces before the rear quarter panel replacement.Already replaced the frame rails,both floor pans,floor supports,inner fenders and battery tray area all with my own fabricated versions.Total spent on materials $400.So,to all you guys wanting to know if it can be done cheap? The answer is "yes" if you have the time and skills..Both of which you can't buy.Timeline is one year from this point and have it on the road.....Wish me luck.Roger
  3. Thought I'd post pics of finished side.Still lots to do!
  4. Used box tubing to fabricated my frame rails.Added plate for support at crossmember mount and sway bar mount.Threaded rod for bumper mounts.Now ready to be closed up with inner fender sheet metal.The other side is finished. This part is fun,removing old stuff was a dirty job! More to come as progress continues......Roger
  5. Stay away from flux core wire,unless your welding a plow out in a field somewhere.Mig weld with a gas bottle argon/co2 mixture.Clean metal with wire wheel or tiger wheel,consentrate on weld penatration,adjust current/wires speed as needed.shell blast after welding is done,then primer and paint.It's that simple.....As far as blasting I've got the luxury of working at a place that has a 10x20 blasting room.Free use anytime I want.Hope I didn't make anyone jealous.Rog
  6. Hi John,I'm here in Mount Wolf area.My son and I are in the restoration process of his 1973 240z. Chances of finding a decent 240 in this area are slim,which you probably already know.I know where a 280z (I believe its a 280 it's tucked away behind a shed and hard to see)is sitting in the area.Not sure if owner is selling it but might be worth a shot.As far as help,we could use a body man on my son's car.It's going on our rotisseurie in the spring.Your welcome to stop by and see the mess if you need a 240z fix.Contact me here if you want details,good luck....Roger
  7. Just wondering how you made your decision on primer and paint choices? Did you get advise from a painter or from the paint store? I'm going to be doing the exact same thing your doing but the job of picking the proper paint,primer,clear coat has me intimidated.Just looking for some info. Thanks,Roger
  8. Is that the passenger side or drivers side?
  9. Rebuilt the steering rack in my son's 73 240.I replaced one bushing inside the rack tube,replaced pinion bearing,seals,ect.I assembled the rack and came to a question.Does the rack ball stud with the left hand threads go on the passenger side or the drivers side? The fsm states to put the one with the stamped 'L' on the left.The other one is not marked.The one on this car is marked with an 'R' and the other is not marked.I don't have the rest of the steering handy to check this on my own.Thanks for the help,Roger
  10. I just finished up the heater box on my son's 73. I removed everything but the doors and glass beaded the enitire thing.Then I painted it rattle can black. I reused the original vinyl skin to the flapper doors,put new foam on the backside and weather strip adhesive to glue them back on.I used new foam weather strip for other joints.Lubed all the cables and pivots.Looks like new! I did not try and remove the doors,I didn't see the need to go that far.Good luck,Roger
  11. Look's like Tabco is the place to go.thanks for the confirmation.Rog
  12. Looking for info on best source for replacement outer rear quarter panels.My son has a 1973 240 thats in need.I've heard Tabco has them,but some said they are difficult to deal with.Any input appreciated.Rog
  13. The RHP bearing will be ok.They've been around for years.They are high quality.I've used them in electric spindle motors that run at 20,000+ rpm and haven't had any problems.
  14. My son and I will continue rust removal on the shell.Floors and supports to be finished in a few weeks then on to the rear quarters.Shell blast on the rotissurie.Then primer and paint.Reassembly to start in the summer.....Sounds perfect.....I know,ain't gonna happen so perfectly.Wish us luck.Roger
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