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  1. me and my friend disconnected my fuel line hose to check of the gas was bad, to our surprise the gas was coming out foamy and yellow is could this be the fuel pump messing up and having bad gas?
  2. Turned 19 December 08 Purchased 1978 280z this April 09 my Z story has just begun....
  3. my sisters Datsun/Nissan Maxima did this it wouldn't start then a mechanic changed it to a push start and it started up every time after that but... only when the push start was used
  4. sweet i just got my first Z on 4/12/09 its pretty beat up but ill make it work out some how ahah
  5. hmmm i think im going to try this
  6. thanks for the advice guys im probably way in over my head here ahahah phuck it i have nothing but time Also do you guys know any good sites for the Z's interior so far iv been looking at www.thezstore.com www.datsunrestore.com ( im not sure this sites is legit tho ) Any sites for parts? this is what iv found. any others www.autohausaz.com www.thepartsbin.com www.blackdragonauto.com
  7. i know that sound retarded but iv never owned a car and this is my first! so i pretty much dont know anything about mechanics (btw the car was parked for 9 1/2 years) i just bought the car sunday and I changed the oil and put new oil filter filled it with gas after checking for rust in the tank itself filled it with antifreeze filled with clutch fluid if that even exists replaced spark plugs and those cables attached to them put in new battery after i did all this i pumped the clutch to get the fluid going then tried to start the car but no go so my friend told me to turned the key slowly this time to try and hear the fuel pump going but didnt hear it? He said hes going to get some sort of combustible fluid to put in idk where to see if the car starts ??? (he said it was starter fluid) could this just be the fuel pump or something else any ideas?? For those who want to know the interior is pretty much gone ahhaha
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