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    Well i got it in April of 2009, 3 hours later the brake master cylinder broke and my brakes gave out. It sat for 4 or 5 months collecting dust, finally i decided it was time to drive it again lol. So i went and tried to get it to pass emissions, that was a test took soooo long. After that i would fix a part and then another would break! So since i got it i have replaced: Clutch, ignition coil, brake rotors pads drums hoses master cylinder, wheel cylinder, seats, harmonic balancer, alternator, fan, water pump, battery, voltage regulator. Ive also ripped off the old exhaust and replaced it with

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  1. Thanks alot guys!! And im going to save the drawing of the fuse box cover for future reference.
  2. Could someone give me a close up of the fuse box cover? I dont have one so i have no idea what goes in it , basically my lamps dont work so i think i blew a fuse when my battery blew up >.> cant be too sure though, so i need to know which fuse is the headlights and what the amperage is. Thanks!! Please get back to me
  3. Thanks alot guys it was a big help! I ended up getting it off with the vice grips, sorry i didnt post earlier. Anyways another crisis averted!!!! Hahaha thanks, the next day my battery blew up and voltage regulator went out *sigh*
  4. The problem wasnt the bolt in the calliper, i actually have new callipers thats why i wanted to get mine off. The issue is the steel brake line going into the brake hose, the bolt there wont budge.
  5. Ok well, i have used penetrating oil and tried little knocks with no luck. It really seems to be seized in there, any other suggestions?
  6. Ok, so my brake line broke off into my hallow bolt that plugs into my calliper, so i bought a new brake line. The bolt that is plugged into the brake hose is really freakin hard to break loose . I need some suggestions with minimal tools on how to break it free since im at work and dont have access to a whole lot of tools . Thanks guys.
  7. Thanks alot guys!! That is more like what i was looking for, and i appreciate the info about not having any vinyl on my tranny tunnel, i was thinking of forgoing it anyways just because i didn't really like it all that much , but now that i know you don't i wont put it on. Also thanks so much for the pics!!
  8. Not saying it is rocket science just hoping someone would have some helpful tips for me, the current carpet is useless because it wasnt even done close to what it actually should be. The carpet is missing pieces and ontop of that isnt a material i would use. Thank you anyways Bruce.
  9. Unfortunately i dont have any of the vinyl , there is some really really crappy home carpeting though. Which they glued pretty much everywhere. If i had the factory carpeting i would just use that as a template like you said but unfortunately i dont have that option.
  10. Alright, so i have a '77 280z, but i need new carpet and im on a budget. I went to home depot and they have some pretty cheap carpet and there is a black short fiber carpet i decided i could put in my Z. Any ideas on how to put home carpet into your Z?? There are molded carpet kits out there but im not really looking for something to spend a few hundred on just yet. I just need something that doesnt look like crap for a while until i can afford it. Ideas anyone?
  11. Thanks alot i appreciate all the help, now im trying to figure out if i want to paint the car or if i wanna go turbo it
  12. Darn, so id pretty much need to get a turbo engine block off like an 82-83
  13. I want to turbo my L28 280z fuel injection, i found turbo kits on ebay but it says 280zx, does that mean i need a 280zx engine? I thought that they used the same block? Just trying to figure out if i can buy it and bolt it on or if i need to do a whole engine swap? You probably need more information, please get back to me and tell me what else you need so i can figure this out! Thanks ~Brett
  14. Ill post pics later tonight, but basically the regulator is fine, its the part the handle hooks onto, the little grooves that the handle grips onto so it can turn and crank the regulator is stripped unfortunately. Pics to come!!
  15. Is there any way you can refurb a stripped window regulator? I have the original window regulator but its stripped so i cant really roll my windows up and down. Any ideas?
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